Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Before & Afters

I found a new photography website that I really like:  The photographer, Alex Beadon, is 22 years old and recently moved to London (she said her parents are from England, but she doesn't have an accent). She is very kind and positive and inspired by life in the world. Maybe I should actually read her posts instead of just skimming though her fantastic photos. Anyway, she posts a lot of "before & after"s, which I always find very interesting to see how much editing can change the feel. Here are a couple more that I went back to edit from Miriam's graveyard shoot in April:
I remember specifically asking her to just look at me for the top photo. I loved how her hair was around her face. The mix of highlights were pretty too. Normally I let her pose however she wants because she has the ability to keep effortlessly moving, like I imagine actresses and models must do on professional magazine photoshoots. It is quite an amazing talent, in my opinion.

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  1. That is quite interesting. Same photos but different effects and a different "feel" to the images. And they both look "original." -D