Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas at Full Sail: 2010 ☆

  Well not at Full Sail, but our second one during. We were engaged at this point and had our wedding planned for the following May 7th 2011! I have a handful of pictures of us in Atlanta with Jessica, but don't remember that trip at all. (Sorry.) Jordyn was 2 & 1/2 in this picture and Jessica was only a couple weeks away from having her second baby (James). I didn't have any good pictures of her to post though. I have a lot of blurry pictures in my Full Sail stash.
  While we were in pro-production for our Final Project, Gruff's Bridge (Michael as costume designer and me as 2nd AD), he surprised me with Disney tickets! I even remember where we were sitting on those steps for a lab and Rebecca asked me if I could have a meeting with her on a certain day. I said, "Yeah I'm free that day." Then Michael said, "Wait, no. We're busy that day!" Um, okay... That was a wonderful surprise. He took me to Animal Kingdom during the day, then we drove to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Christmas Party. They had free milk and cookies in each restaurant place!
 We went to Birmingham for a few days - or a week? - and I was very excited to have my parents there too! It was very important to both Michael and I that our parents meet before our wedding. We took them to Peavine Falls and did some climbing.
 I remember one morning around 11am, Michael grabbed by attention by exclaiming, "Hurry! Meet me outside! And bring your camera!" Then we saw Santa riding around on a fire truck and he was throwing candy at the people he saw. There were not many people outside. More candy for us!
Here is a ginger bread house I watching Michael make.
So many presents just from his family (and Santa)!! What did I get that year? Good question.
Another day Michael brought some camera equipment that he borrowed from Full Sail back to Peavine Falls so he could shoot part of a film. I don't remember getting many shots done before the sun started setting and I didn't want to walk on the rocky trail when I couldn't see very well. 
   I was very excited when it started to "flurry" one day and took a lot of pictures jumping and dancing in the "snow". Michael laughed that I was over reacting when there was barely anything coming down and was sure it would be all melted in the morning. I was very happy that he was wrong!

 The rest of the pictures are from December in Gainesville:
Tonia and Mia stopping by!
And they continued to live happily ever after!! ;)

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  1. My husband is a stud 😜👍🏻❤! Love that he makes appearances here and there on the blog since he doesn't like picture taking very much (must get that from daddy's side since you and mommy lovveee capturing moments which is awesome 😁)! I wanted my parents and your parents to meet before the wedding but that didn't happen quite as planned. Well technically they did meet before the wedding but like only a day or so before 😂! Currently Peyton is eating peanut butter on toast and Helena is swinging on her swing. I'm trying to tidy up but alls it feels like I am doing is moving stuff from one spot to another spot and then that spot is all cluttered too! I miss the snow a lot (just not the shoveling part)! Keep on posting so I can keep reading! There's only one more week til I'm back at work!