Friday, December 30, 2016

Last month of 2009! ☆

  One of the cool things about meeting and dating the person you know you're going to spend the rest of your life with is that you get to experience a world that you didn't grow up really knowing. My family always used an artificial Christmas tree and colorful lights, but I soon found out that every year Michael's family always bought a real tree and used white lights. I didn't mind the change, so that's what we have always done since 2009. This was after he tied "our first tree" onto the Lexus that he used to have.
  He also told me that he likes to use plain bubbles and ribbon rather, but over the years I have collected ones my mom gave me and bought our own "regular/fun" ornaments and added them to the tree too. Also I told him we needed to switch the huge bow on top for an angel. Over the weekend (2016) when my mom and I were at Hobby Lobby I got an ornament that was of a Santa with a Hobby Lobby shopping cart! Haha- too cute.

 We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. I've posted before on my Full Sail blog about when Mia, Tonia and Michael joined me for fancy Twilight and New Moon "movie premieres" pictures. (I forgot to resize those pictures before posting them so those pages might take longer to load.) Michael even came to church with us that night!!
 ♡ Grandma Re!!!!! ♡
 My Miaskee!! Her parent's noticed and praised my 15 pound weightloss since they hadn't seen 
me since before I left for Full Sail in July. ;)  At some point during our Winter Break, I went with 
my parents and other family on my dad's side and spent the day (or a night?) 
we visited Grandma Belva and got to meet her boyfriend, Deane.
 Then at the end of the month we flew to Birmingham (the picture below was taken in the airport). 
We celebrated a late Christmas and stayed a few more days to attend Christopher and Meredith's rehearsal dinner and wedding on January 2nd, 2010!! We caught the flowers and garter!
 I also went with Michael to his dentist appointment, haha! Then he took me to the Summit, which is a big outlet mall area with fancy/ expensive stores. I liked all the decorations and Michael was sweet about taking lots of pictures. Later I helped Mrs. Patty, NaNa, and Meredith put together bags of walnuts. (I don't remember that, but there is a picture!!) I do remember that the cream colored jacket I'm wearing in these pictures was my super favorite, but it got lost during this trip. Blast!

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  1. Flashback! You both look like itty bitty babies! Looks like super fun! I bet Chip is excited for upcoming adventures!