Friday, December 30, 2016

Ye Ol' Christmas

   This is to show pictures that I never posted during Full Sail (before I had my blog), plus 2011 since I never posted those few Canon Christmas pictures. For 2012 you can see refresher pictures here (Christopher picking out a tree while he stayed with us for a month) -- and here (cookies and lights in Birmingham)-- also here (opening presents in Birmingham). Click on this next link for a post of me meeting baby Luke in 2013 and us decorating a little tree at Alana's house. Although I know I was in Gainesville for 19 days that Christmas while Michael finished working Grinchmas in Orlando, I don't have any pictures already on my blog or on my hard drive that I can find.

   I'm debating whether or not to post all the pictures I have in two seperate posts during our 2009 and 2010 Christmas outings. I probably should so they are all here together and it's showing how we celebrated during the whole month rather than just of us opening presents. It's more fun that way. However, tomorrow being the last day of the year I feel like I waited to long and might as well just wait until next year to post them! But if I at least take a super fast shower then run to the bank real quick (we unexpectedly got money back from our escrow, wooo!!), I'll have enough time to edit and post all those before Michael gets home since he needs me to help him with the deck around 2pm.

  Right now I'll just post the pictures from 2011 since there are just a few from celebrating at our apartment at Millenia:
 Miriam gave me the rest of her fake snow that she bought for a couple Christmas photo shoots 
that I did for her. Also, I'm pretty sure Michael photo shopped my eyes open later, haha!
Below the ornament reads "Our First Christmas" (being married).

   And these are the ones I have from the last two years (2014 and 2015) -- just the ones I had on my Instagram page: I stopped using the Canon as much once I got my iPhone in August 2014. Lame.

Cute hay bale snowman that we saw after breakfast one morning & getting our yearly picture 
with Santa at Bass Pro Shop in Birmingham when we visited mid-December!
With Donna, Austin, and Jeff. Donna and Jeff were our Phase 2 trainees at work in December, 
while Austin and I were their trainers. I really like that they decorate the office at work.
 This picture was taken in our one bedroom apartment at Bala Sands. 
We spent two years there before buying our house!
 The Lavins and Kellys came to Gainesville, but we only got to see them for about two hours since Michael and I both had to work the next day. I had to get my skinny picture with my cousin, Jessica. My goal is to get back to this point ^^ by next Christmas, which will give me almost 6 months to kick up the health extremities after Chip is born. This was taken almost 6 months after Jessica's baby Jeremy was born. So we'll both have early July babies, although her fourth baby is due in May!!

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  1. Lots and lots of Christmas photos! Next year they'll be featuring Chip! Can't believe it's almost 2017! Super duper exciting stuff to come this year! ❤🙏🏻🎄👏🏻🎁