Sunday, December 25, 2016

First Christmas in our House

   So apparently if someone random was reading my blog, they might think that we don't often celebrate Christmas. I was looking through old posts and there is nothing about Christmas from the past two years. I promise we celebrated it! And I've never even posted any Christmas pictures at my parents' house. Well I made sure to pull out the Canon tonight when I got home from work. And I'll do the same tomorrow in Gainesville.
 Aside from working on the deck in the backyard, Michael also installed this light fixture into the living room!! It made such a wonderful difference being able to see what we were doing. That light was originally in the dining room- came with the house- so I'm glad he made great use of it! You'll see I promptly ditched my sweater and changed into a tank top after the tree photos. Welcome to Christmas in Orlando.
 My favorite picture after I asked Michael to, "Hold up the fox like this.."
   Michael apologized for not "really" getting me any gifts. He got me a bunch of onezies for Chip, which I did ask for! Christmas gets me in a semi-bipolar funk, but it wasn't too bad this year. Just a mix of "why is everyone so greedy? Christmas is about Jesus anyway" and "no, seriously there isn't anything I want for Christmas" (especially since my main/ expensive gift is us going to see Wicked in three weeks!) but still, part of the fun is opening presents, so it was a bit disappointing when nothing had my name on it from Michael. A lot of the presents we opened were from his parents. Besides, he already gave me what I had been asking for all year! =)

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