Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Extravagantly Loved

   On my previous day off (last Thursday) before the weekend that I just worked, I had driven to VAMP to drop off some oatmeal cookies that Michael made and wanted me to bring him. Michael talked to me for a few minutes before I drove back home, and the whole way home, Chip was kicking me. I told Michael that Chip had been excited to hear his voice and was trying to say hello. Michael told me that it made him feel really good. He texts me at least three times a week to tell me how excited he is to be a dad, and often says it at night when we are together. It makes me so happy to hear that.
   On Sunday I was concerned because as I was driving home I realized that I hadn't felt (or noticed) Chip kicking all day while I was at work. I even tried walking around on my breaks faster than my normal speed because when I go for long walks on my days off, I usually feel Chip kicking a bunch once I'm back at home sitting down. Maybe because my heart is beating faster? I told Michael about my concern and he assured me everything was fine and that the same thing happened to his mom when she was pregnant with one of his brothers and obviously everything was fine, but just in case I laid down on the couch and asked him to talk to me. Within probably 30 seconds of him talking to me, I began feeling kicks. Phew! And Chip continued to kick for the rest of the night.
   Michael was able to come home an hour early yesterday, but seemed like he was going to take a nap, so I went in the other room to watch TV. He said he just wanted to lay down (not sleep), and asked me to join him so we could talk and spend some extra time together. It ended up being the best suggestion because we snuggled together for an hour laughing and kissing and talking about being parents and how we've seen each other mature over the past seven and a half years since Full Sail. At one point Michael was talking to Chip with his hand below my stomach where I usually feel the kicks and said, "We really want to know if you are a boy or a girl. If you are a boy, kick me now." (Pause/ nothing.) "If you are a girl, kick me now." Immediate kick! So for my third unofficial report: Chip might be a girl!
   Before we left for dinner I told Michael that I was really enjoying this flow we have been in the past couple of weeks.  A stronger flow than our usual getting along-ness. "Love?" he asked. I said yes, and explained how nice it has been lately with us constantly doing things to make the other person happy. Like how I also stopped by VAMP with milk and little cereal boxes because he had mentioned that having those at work in the mornings would be nice. And the week before, even though he went to the grocery store by himself, he bought the things I had written on the list for myself (bagels).
   While standing in the kitchen before getting changed, he looked at me and said, "Shnooks, I am so happy about Chip." I told him again how much I love when he says that because when I first talked to him about it in October 2014 -when I seriously wanted to start trying to have a baby and they weren't just "baby moods" like I had experienced around April 2012 and a few times while visiting Peyton in Gainesville- he had told me that he was comfortable with our lives and thought he would be fine if we never had a kid. I'm glad I was able to convince him otherwise! (By the end of December 2014 he had decided that he was "ready" to be a dad and we began trying.)
   Today I finished sending the baby shower invites (for the first party next month), and scheduled tours for the three day cares that will will visit next week, and one at the end of the month since their tours booked up early. I've got a list of questions to take to ask and write down answers. I also called the insurance company with questions about getting a free breast pump through the Pregnancy Program. Last week we went back to Buy Buy Baby and added more things to the registry and talked to an employee about the stroller we want. Yesterday I went to Plato's Closet and got two more comfy summer dresses, a pair of ripped jean shorts that fit for now (and I could wear that maternity band over the button), and a black studded backpack purse that I will use as my diaper bag. Now I'm going for an hour walk because I've been slacking on that!
    ☼ Chip is 23 weeks and 2 days today!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Lots of positive vibes. Constant communication truly helps a marriage. -D