Monday, March 13, 2017

Partial Cousin Reunion

   On Friday morning I picked up Abby from the airport, after looping around four times to find her, then we sat and talked a lot over a late breakfast halfway up the way to Gainesville. We walked over to Grandpa's house and hung out until it was time to order our delicious garden Lenten pizza. Abby and I went for another walk before dinner, then talked and laughed for a couple hours with our moms after having cake for Grandpa's 92nd birthday and him opening cards and presents.
   On Saturday after going to breakfast, we went to Target so I could do a registry there too (for another free bag of goodies)! Then we perused Carter's telling my mom which outfits I thought were cute or not. I liked a lot of the boy clothes, and later referred to Chip as "he" while talking to Michael, but after the specific kicks the other day, Michael asked, "Why did you say 'he'? She already told us she's a girl." Sometimes I think it's better to not really have a preference that way I'm not too excited or hopeful for a certain gender. Especially since we have talked and agreed that just having one kid will be best for us and our relationship and lifestyle, God will give us whichever gender we need. I kept commenting that Helena looked a lot different this trip, but that could be due to me usually seeing her sleep and this time at over 3 months old her eyes were wide open, barely even blinking.
   While at Target Michael mentioned again (via text and phone call) how excited he is to be a dad and how he wants one-on-one bonding time with Chip. He said he would be fine if I took trips up to Gainesville by myself and they hung out and did fun stuff together, but I doubt my friends and family would want me visiting as much without the new baby! And I'd probably feel sad or guilty doing so, especially while looking into Helena's bug eyes asking, "Where is my cousin?!" Then I'd cry myself back to Orlando like I did the first time I left Michael at Full Sail when I finally realized how much I really liked him before he was my boyfriend. But I told him that he and Chip will have every other weekend to bond since I work every other weekend and someone would have to be home!
   Abby, Aunt Sue Ann, my mom and I had lunch at McAllister's Deli which had great sandwiches with soft bread. Our other cousin Lindsey arrived from Georgia just before we got home and we chatted with her for a bit before I walked home and took a nap. We went with Uncle Tim to pick up ribs for dinner, had a brief girly cousin photoshoot and then I drove home after dinner.
   Not meant to be a sad comment, just a memory ~ 1 year ago from today (Sunday, March 13th, 2016) I found out I was pregnant with Shrimp. It seems like longer ago than that. It is more of a peaceful memory now that I'm safely in my 24th week/6th month of pregnancy with Chip.  On a lighter note, I found this hilarious "mom blog" today: Crappy Pictures, although it doesn't look like she has really updated it in two years, but she has published two books. I was laughing so much today while reading these and looking at all of her hilarious stick figure pictures.  We'll see how much I'm laughing when a lot of the same "poopy situations" are happening with/to us in July and over the next five (to twenty) years.

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  1. Nice recap of the weekend. Michael will be a wonderful Dad, and he is off to a good start already. -D