Monday, March 20, 2017

Good to Me

  I thought it was strange that I have only had one baby dream so far, but after last night's that caused me to wake up crying at 3am, I'm fine not having any more. I'm not going to write what it was about since I don't want to remember it, but Michael woke up too and comforted me again so sweetly, hugging me and telling me that everything was fine (I told him the main issue of the dream/ nightmare). Luckily Chip/ Emma did nicely reassuring me as well, kicking me once I woke up and reminding me that she is still safe and growing into a healthy baby. Then I started crying just thinking about how much I'm going to love her and pictured us at The Aquarium- don't tell Michael this but often when I picture Emma she looks a lot like Peyton, but a little older and she can talk- her saying something cute and me just crying and hugging her because we are so lucky to be chosen as her parents and God is so good to us. She'll get used to it!
   Michael is such a wonderful husband -kind, loving, fun- and I've already thanked him twice today for being so sweet to me last night. Part of me is so happy that we're having a girl because he has always done so well handling my emotions (luckily they have been less "out of control" than they were the first five years he knew me), so I know he'll do well handling hers too. Sometimes when I'm at work I get really sad thinking about what I would do without him. But then I quickly try to not think about that and just send him a bunch of texts about how great he is!
  Right now Michael doesn't want us buying "so many" clothes for Emma, although he does want to start getting her room more decorated now that we know the gender. Tomorrow we're doing the Babies R Us registry because we want the bedding from there.  I understand that he feels like we have so many clothes for her already, but the gender neutral outfits we have so far are all different sizes: Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. So basically she'd only have 3 outfits (pajama onezies) to wear each "phase", which to me, does not seem like enough. I'm sure I'll get some clothes at the baby shower next month and my mom bought her some on sale clothes today at Carter's, along with new pieces for Peyton and Helena, which may turn into hand me downs later on. She sent me a picture of a super cute kitty sweater that I loved, so she bought it in two different sizes for Emma. I can't wait to see it on her! But I will wait, because I want her to be at least six pounds when she's born in 14-17 weeks. Another thing I can't really plan, causing me to have so many questions about. That's all her. ;)

   Update: I counted her clothing pieces in the closet ~ 6 Newborn outfits (mostly onezie pajamas and I want her to wear "regular clothes" during the day but I hear some babies don't even get to wear new born sizes- it all depends on how much they weigh when they're born), 12 pieces aged for 3-6 months, and 7 pieces aged for 6-9 months (including a white sweater which doesn't count because she'd still need to wear something under that). Nothing over that age except the 12 month super soft gray bathrobe I bought in November. Also she currently has 10 regular pairs of socks (4 wooly pink Newborn pairs that I just bought today, plus 6 mint green and gray for ages 6-18 months) and two pairs that are Halloween themed.

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  1. I believe that when you trust God, really trust, that you will not have any desire to worry about the little things, or even big things, that life will throw at you. The stronger your love for God, the more you can relax every day. -D