Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Deck Stain

   It is nice to see Michael's To Do list dwindling down, as he seems less stressed as each project gets finished. Here he is completing Project #6. Ever since Michael and Brian built the deck over Christmas break, he has mentioned to me that it would eventually need to get stained, preferably before the summer months. Last week, after checking with me that we were fine on money, he picked out the color "Douglas Fir" from Sherwin Williams and began staining the deck on Sunday. First he rolled the top,  then used a paint brush to get between each board, then rolled a second coat after work yesterday.
 I love when I can say something that makes him laugh, because he is so good at making me laugh.
  All of the pictures shown above, as well as the last post's pictures were taken on the Canon with the 50mm lens, which I have enjoyed using more recently. The few pictures below were just taken on my iPhone 7. The Before and Afters ~ can you spot the old puppy?
   Tonight after work Michael said he is going to work on renovating Emma's closet. As of yesterday I was asked by Dr. Greves to stay on bedrest until delivery (rather than going back to work next Monday as I had planned). He said they may still want to deliver her at 36 weeks. I'm not sure if that will make Emma's birthday Sunday June 4th, when I am exactly 36 weeks, or a few days after that?  But when they did the anatomy scan at the hospital yesterday, she had grown 7 ounces since May 1st, averaging a total of 13 grams gained per day. Now she measures exactly 28 weeks, when she was measuring 26 weeks and 3 days on May 1st (when I was 31 weeks pregnant). So that is progress for sure! She is only growing at about half of the rate of a "normal baby in the third trimester", but obviously that was enough to keep me pregnant a little while longer. If she continues on that path, she will be right at 3 pounds at 36 weeks, so hopefully she won't have to stay in the NICU as long and we can still bring her home by July 2nd! :)

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Quite a difference, before and after. So glad you and Michael are laughing and enjoying marriage. -D