Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Six Years Strong!

    I'm rushing a bit to get any posts done that I can in case I have to go back to the hospital again soon. I got off "in the clear" this morning at my regular doctor appointment. They did another BPP (Biological Physical Profile) and Emma got another 8/8. However her AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) was only about an 8 and a half and I was told that the lowest it should be is 8 with a high of 18. Her heartbeat was really fast at the beginning of the ultrasound, racing between 171 and 185, which concerned me, but when they checked it again about ten minutes later it was back to normal around 147. At the hospital they told me it should be between 110 and 160.
    My doctor also checked to see if she had grown according to the outside, how she measures my uterus over my clothes with a measuring tape while I'm laying down. She did say that I was measuring at 28 inches today, compared to about 26 inches last Monday when she sent me to the hospital. Tomorrow I go back to the hospital for a more advanced ultrasound with dopplers, which includes checking the blood flow through the umbilical cord. So they will let me know if I can go back to work if Emma is growing well enough, or if May 11th will become her birthday!! I'm prepared either way. My doctor commented on how calm I seemed about everything.
  Anyway, after getting discharged from the hospital on Saturday afternoon, I was able to get out enough in attempt to get my legs working again while we went to Target. However I felt pretty "out of it" like I was in a daze, and was walking really slow, but at a pace that felt comfortable. Michael kept turning around to wait for me and kept asking if I was okay. We went back home after that and took a nap which helped a lot. He looked up a new restaurant for us to try that he said he had driven past many times, called Bravo! I was glad he picked that place because I was wanting Italian. We made a reservation for 7:30 before our nap and made it just in time considering we had slept past the alarm. Apparently we didn't even need a reservation for a Saturday night and got seated right away. The food was really good and we splurged a lot with appetizers (crispy ravioli) before our meal, dessert (chocolate cake with ice cream), and Michael got a cappuccino.
   It was a great date and we have had a lot to talk about lately with Emma and everything else going on. Plus he told me many times how pretty I looked and I always like hearing that. He even said it the next day, "Shnooks, you are so beautiful. How did I get so lucky to be married to such a babe?" when I hadn't showered and was wearing pajamas in the kitchen. He also told me (yesterday) that VAMP had their first Beauty Make Up class on Monday, but they have different teachers for that. Before they had only been doing the Special FX classes that Michael and Brian teach.
    I don't blog very often about our anniversary, and I'm not sure why. I guess around this time each year is when I just don't feel like blogging much, so below are two pictures from last year. I didn't post anything about our 4th anniversary either and since I don't even have a picture on Instagram from that time, I don't remember where we went out to dinner or how we celebrated. It would have been in Orlando though.. Actually I'm thinking maybe we went to YardHouse and I wore an orange dress..? Found it on Michael's account! We had our second anniversary in North Hollywood (when I saw Ashley Tisdale at Malbec!) and our third in Birmingham.
  Last May we had dinner at Slate and the waitress said she liked my Shrimp necklace. I like to try a new restaurant when we go out to eat for our anniversary to make it extra fancy and special. I remember liking what I ordered mostly, but Michael didn't care for the food so we haven't gone back there since then.  I am also proud to say that although Michael is not happy with his weight right now, I think he looks even more handsome this year than he did last year! (As a note to remember: Michael started losing weight by eating healthier in November and going for walks, jogs, and bike rides with his friend Jenn. He ate fruits such as apples, pears, and plums, with yogurt, salads, and grilled chicken with rice and veggies. He was 195 by the second week of December, and 185 towards the end of January! That had been his lowest weight since maybe our wedding? It stayed between 185 and 190 for the next three months. He was 220 in these pictures from last year.)

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