Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gore Construction

  Project #2 of Many: This weekend Michael was working on building and painting wood valances to go over the top of the windows, and/or over the curtain rods. This is something he has wanted to do since we moved into the house last July. The previous owners had upholstered valances with a fabric that did not match our taste furniture, however, we do like the turquoise colored curtains they had in the living room and bought pillows to match! (We had red velvet pillows at the apartment before.) Our friend Lindsey hired Michael to build some valances for her house, which gave him the motivation to start this project yesterday. He finished hers today and the ones for our house will also be done soon.
   Yesterday Michael got all of the wood he needed from Lowes. He had his list of which size wood and trim pieces he needed and how many of each. Today he used a mixture of wood filler to patch all of the nail gun holes and any imperfections in the wood. Then he used three different types of sand paper and sanding blocks to make the wood extra smooth before painting it. He had Pure White semi-gloss paint left over from when we painted the kitchen cabinets and used that for the valances.
   In the photo directly below you can see two of the valances. The one on the left had been sanded already and the one on the right has the wood filler smoothed down.  He then caulked the pieces, then began painting. I will show Before & After pictures in a different post once our valances are completed and hanging up on the walls over the curtains. I didn't get a full picture of them, but Michael also made 1"x2" mounting brackets for each valance that will be screwed into the walls to help hold up the main frames.
 ^^ His extra wood stash.
   I am 34 weeks pregnant today, currently weighing 131 pounds. The next doctor appointment at the hospital is tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Michael will go with me to that, but I won't be writing about any baby Emma news from the previous appointments (this past Thursday and Friday) until later on when we have more information with hopefully more certain answers about her growth conditions.

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  1. Wow. They look wonderful - of course! Dedicated, non-stop construction. Well done. -D