Monday, March 12, 2012

Flower Power

After work, Sana went with me to Wal-Mart so I could pick out the kinds of pretty flowers that I wanted to (attempt to!) grow in my cans. Some that I really liked - by what they had already for people to plant into the ground were - Calibrachoa, Kalanchoe, Dianthus, Angelonia, Gazania and a Watermelon plant.(You may look those beauties up at your leisure.)
 But they didn't have any of those in the little seed packs, so I went with Zinnia (Giant Violet Queen and a  Giant Double Mixed Colors) and Marigolds. They were just over a buck each and I picked those because they had the shortest bloom time, being 35-60 days and best in Florida between March and August. I'm hoping that "bloom" means full beauty and that in a few weeks I will at least start seeing the stem or tiny leaves.
I asked Michael if he would plant the seeds with me, but he was sleeping, which I am pretty sure was a better decision as he would have had a massive cow if he saw all the Miracle Grow on the floor that I missed while scooping into the cans. Of course, since I was focusing on having child-at-heart fun, I wasn't trying to be overly careful and simply vacuumed it up afterward. Hooray!

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