Thursday, March 29, 2012

Toy Story

On Tuesday I brought some of my favorite mini books to work to show my trainer, Kristen. She is very nice and also asked to see the premiere ones, so I'll have to bring those this weekend. But now that I have a good amount of mini Polaroids, I've been meaning to create an album for them, especially after seeing the pretty ones other people have made. 
Yesterday during my fun errand run, I picked up this sad looking bear for Sasha at the Dollar Store. I have also been looking for some small bunny & sheep figurines for my own decoration display. I was only able to find this porcelain bunny at JoAnn Fabrics. Such a disappointment that with all the Easter decorations for sale, this was the only "cute" one I could find. (&&&.. I planted six new flowers ~ Phytomania, I know!)
Soft bear with the long torso has been added to Sasha's collection. Soon enough crucial body parts will be missing - such as the eyes from Frankenstein and Santa porcupine's nose! That's her way of showing them love. (I gave her a couple treats for posing.)
Tonight we are having a "dinner meeting" with Julie at Bahama Breeze to tell her our plans to move to North Carolina instead of Los Angeles, to see if she still wants to live with us for a year before we design & build our house (that's the current plan)! Also, Michael has a job proposition for her to see if she wants to be the secretary/manager of the new Special Make Up FX business that he & Osiris are talking about starting.

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