Friday, March 16, 2012

Spiffy Sprouts

I got way carried away the other day with putting the bouquet flowers in my cans to be silly, but luckily the seeds didn't get messed up and they are growing pretty fast. I was so excited yesterday (day 3) when I saw tiny leaves popping out from the soil! 

Sana - my friend from work - came over and went with Michael & I to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes then to City Walk. Michael met some friends of a friend, so Sana and I stayed in the gift shop, looking at Amish aprons and friendship bracelets. We went to the candy store and I bought energy gummy bears, ate the handful (one at a time) and proceeded to roll down a hill by the water after seeing some little boys doing the same. Instant mini-headache, but worth it! 

I took more pictures after work today (day 4- our last day of 911 training before we sit "on the floor" and listen to/answer live calls!) because even more sprouts had grown. The Marigolds were lagging yesterday.

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