Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"def da best"

Today Sana came over around 2pm because we both had the day off from work. We went to the mall (and Platos Closet) to try and find a white dress for a possible anniversary shoot I would like to do with Michael ~ haven't mentioned that to him yet.. No such luck though and the other dresses I did try on looked much better on the hanger.
We had lunch at a place called Teak Neighborhood Grill. It really was back through all these nice neighborhoods. Sana said the menu looked good, as well as the reviews including one that simply said "def da best". After that we used the phrase to describe everything we liked. The place was small and although there were hardly any customers when we got there, the waitress seemed to take a while. She was nice though and the food was really good. I got the Hawaiian burger with a house salad. 
 They had some inventive burgers - such as one with two glazed donuts in place of a bun! This means I can add another tally to my "10 restraurants I haven't been to before". Afterward we stopped by the big Dollar Store. Sana was amazed that everything really was only a dollar, just as I was when I went there a couple months ago. I got Sasha a pretty rope for her to pull on. She likes it! 
Then I was convinced to drive back around near the Universal area to find Fresh Market. I got it confused with Whole Foods, but we still made it. I was very fascinated with the "per pound" area. But instead of candy (however, they had candy too) it was trail mix, pretzels, peanuts and dried fruits. I was feeling adventurous and got a good handful-sized bag of a few. Including dried strawberries, kiwis and cantaloupe! Sometimes I get really excited to eat healthy foods. Today it got to the happy point where I confessed that I was sad that we have been friends for three months and hadn't hugged yet. Ha, so we hugged right there.
I made it home just in time for the new Glee episode (Whitney Huston tribute). Michael got home around 9pm from another full day on the zombie shoot. Then we watched my Netflix movie, The Change Up with Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde (Michael's new girlfriend). I liked it, aside from how many times the F-word was used and a couple other scenes, but it was rated R. It was nice getting to see him for a couple hours. Of course he is sleeping again and I still have one last load of laundry in the dryer that I probably won't get put away to until (honestly) Friday?

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