Thursday, April 12, 2012

the Dog Lady

Over the past two days I have turned into the lady who treats her pet like a child. I'm sure Sasha doesn't mind the extra attention. I've been giving her lots of kisses today, even though she is quite stinky. She needs a spa day for sure! A good shampoo bubble bath & her nails need to be clipped something fierce. Do they make breath mints for dogs?
We had lunch (bagel bites) on the porch today, until her privileges got revoked from too much barking - again with everyone walking their dogs at the same time, geez. And we sat outside again while the sun was going down. It was cool out, so I had to put a sweater on and when I noticed Sasha was shaking, I got her fancy jacket out and her blanket. I wanted to show pictures of the few plants I still have too. (From top to bottom: Picotee Cosmos, the name sunned off of the tiny ones, African Daisies, Annual Flower Mix & regular? Cosmos) The older ones died - or they are about to. *sadness* (The pictures are a much better viewing size if you click them!)
I have been on <this> super cute family blog all day and the mom has a lot of high angled shots with the kids looking up and only their faces in focus. I stood on the wobbly chair (basically risking my life) to try a couple with Sasha. Its funny going backwards through her life, watching the kids get younger. Sasha & I went inside when it got dark to watch "the Time Traveler's Wife".
She stared at me to put the blanket over her but once I made popcorn, the blanket moved and a wet nose poked out. It was very funny. I didn't grab the camera fast enough, but this other one is still cute. I'm watching "P.S. I Love You" also because it definitely makes me never want to argue with Michael again, especially not to roll my eyes and walk away about such dumb little things. There is far too much love in our whole bodies to ever waste any precious second!

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