Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Program

Because is shutting down tomorrow, I thought I would go ahead and try out another editing website that their page suggested:  ~It's actually very simple to use. I tend to get discouraged with some sites because I can't figure what each button means or when the site saves my photo, its not the original size that I uploaded it as.
All I had to do today was download a simple Flash Player. It really takes my photos from "I guess this one is okay.." to a magical, "I took this photo?! I'm a genius!" which of course makes me want to open my own photo exhibit. Ego boost! Here are my favorite effects - in order of how I like them, specifically for this photo.
Although I listed "Dusk" as third favorite for this picture, I can see myself using it on a daily basis, so look out for that in later posts!
*I used this "Intrepid" effect for the first two photos of my most recent post - flower yard and our lovely colored Polaroid pictures.. I hope you found this as interesting as I did! Xoxox!

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  1. Good to see your creative juices getting a workout! Sometimes, just knowing what is possible, makes creativity come to life. Clever how you used the same photo for the various effects - makes for the best possible comparison. In previous blogs, I can sense the "young love" coming out, as you two approach your first anniversary. Woosh! One year. May I suggest that you start an "Anniversary Photo Scrapbook" to keep photos of you two on each anniversary? As the years go by, you will really enjoy seeing how y'all have changed. -D