Saturday, April 7, 2012

Post-Lent Lent

I feel like I barely did anything for Lent. Yes, the whole "don't-eat-meat-on-Friday's... unless you forget.." (haha) is the easiest because I've had practice most of my life. I knew from the start that my 2nd chance at New Years Resolutions was a bit over the top. I wanted to suddenly change into who I want to be, like BAM - GO!

But figured if I gave up chocolate for 40 days, I would end up binging and that would only make things worst. For the most part I didn't buy scrapbook items. I can honestly say that I haven't been to Scrappy Boutique in 6 weeks & that is an improvement. There were more, but I think I will just break it down by the week of what I SHOULD start to do.. at some point.. WEEK 1: No computer/internet. (Aside from at work, of course.) WEEK 2: No spending money! WEEK 3: No eating out & No chocolate or candy.  More ideas, please. Otherwise, I may have to simply repeat them. // For now I will leave you with some simple photos to get you through this week! Today Michael and I dyed eggs. It wasn't as eventful as I was hoping for, but I still enjoyed the company during the short celebration..  & Spider found a home in my MarigoldsI think I accidentally killed the rest of my plants because they are all falling over (they have really long stems without anything to support them) and wilty. But every time I checked their soil, it was all dry!.. (Polaroids) Sasha by some of my newer plants. & Jet Ski sign at Ormond Beach. It made me think of when Michael and I rented jet skis on our honeymoon at the Bahamas - that was sooo fun!

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