Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Baby

I know these next couple of years are supposed to be husband & wife time before a new life is created, but I don't get to see Michael very much these days. Especially now that he is working on a low budget indie zombie film with his friend Jared, who helped him out on Blood Widow. I am very happy for Michael - that he is getting paid side projects that he really enjoys, including sculpting, molding face casts and painting fake bodies. I enjoy my 911 job very much as well, but I miss spending time with him.
I began thinking about all the times we were able to spend together during Full Sail (photo by Ryan Walker, November 2009) and the frequent vacations we would take to Birmingham & the amusement parks. (However he did ask me the other day when we were going back to Typhoon Lagoon!) I even watched part of a Howard Berger Make Up Tutorial DVD with him this morning and felt guilty during my long shower for "wasting my opportunities". Unfortunately, he is in serious "Movie Mode" right now. I enjoy hearing him talk about what he is working on - and all the new ways he is able to accidentally injure himself (ugh, boys). But I am unable to discuss the future with him without him getting stressed. So on top of not seeing him, I feel like we aren't able to talk about much other than work.. But I know that there is so much more amazement to look forward to!
I've been trying to take advantage of my free time with Sasha, like taking her on walks (which can be very difficult when every other person is walking their dog at the same time and she turns into a vicious beast!) and snuggling with her more on my days off. Yesterday my "Mommy Mode" went overboard when I bought Sasha an 18-month Onesie (which I later de-haired and returned this morning). It didn't look as cute as I was hoping for. There was a small orange cat sewn to the front that said "Purr-fect".

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  1. The title of this post made my heart skip a beat! I thought you were announcing! :) Sasha is cute, I'm glad you guys can spend time together.