Friday, October 23, 2015

Glitter Run ~ Gainesville

The Color Run has been on my "Adventure List" for a few years and when I saw they were doing the Glitter Run in Gainesville, then found out that Lindsey had already signed up in June, I did too! I also invited Mia and Tonia, who invited her sister Robin. Jacquie said no thank you and Sharanya had to work that afternoon. Mia and I rode together that morning (Saturday, October 17th), stopped for lunch at McDonalds, then raced from the car to the field where "the walkers" were lined up was since we worried we would be late. Luckily Lindsey was able to find us (taking selfies) off to the side since we didn't see her at first. We found Tonia and Robin about 25 minutes later when we saw their dad waiting on the side for pictures.
Lindsey's phone somehow got on the "Fade" effect, but I corrected it for her once I noticed it. She has the newer iPhone 6 and her pictures turned out much more crisp than mine, but I think she said the megapixel quality was almost twice as much. I've only had my 5s since last August, so I'm not sure if I need to wait another year before I can get an upgrade. By then (September 2016) they will probably have the iPhone 7 out. Am i right? ;) I have a lot more good photos, but they are vertical and I'd need Michael to show me a couple more times how to make the side by side collages. He walked me through the one I posted last night of me and Peyton at the pumpkin patch.
My favorite picture! :)
View of the stage where they played music and threw out extra bags of powder and glitter for everyone to release.
In the color pit after the "race". Hold your breath! We saw one girl who was passed out, being carried out of the pit. We assumed she inhaled a lot of the glitter (I accidentally inhaled some, then walked back to the fresh air). Luckily there were medics on stand by for situations like that.

The last picture we got on my phone before the battery died.
 Lindsey had two other friends that she started the event with, but once we found Tonia, the other girls ran ahead. She was able to meet up with them later for after/ colored pictures. I already signed up for the Color Run in Orlando in January. I'm still trying to convince Michael to come with me, especially with how easily all of the power washed off. **Note to self: next time make sure you have more than 20% battery before arriving-- for twice as many pictures!! Mia said she would probably do it again as long as I danced more and I've invited 3 friends from work already. I'll have to make sure to keep biking a lot of the days before to keep my natural energy levels up.

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  1. Sooo much fun!!! This was seriously more fun than I imagined it would be. Maybe I can come to the Orlando one. I'll have to check date and time! I have no idea about megapixels so I think you misheard whatever I said haha :) I'm glad you noticed my filter was on so all my pictures got brighter!!