Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tiffany Scissorhands

*** Thank you so much to Michael, owner of GoreFX for doing this incredible "Edward Scissorhands" make up on me and helping me with the outfit and hair teasing. I couldn't have done this without you!! And thank you to Alana for taking most of these pictures. *** 
 I couldn't let October pass without taking dress up pictures, especially since without this I wouldn't get a pre-planned time to dress up. Last night would have been the night we got to dress up at work for our shift, but my trainee (Crystal) and I had block training all during the day, so we didn't have to come back at night to answer the phones. Not many people dress up at work anyway. I guess they are too cool or think its embarrassing or for lame babies. A lot more people dressed up back in 2012 when they had contests and I won a $25 gift card!! All credit goes to Michael for my Dead Riding Hood make up and borrowed costume.
 And here's a behind the scenes one of me laughing because I don't really like pictures of myself where I'm not smiling, but from the pictures I found, Edward looked pretty sad. I hadn't seen the movie in a long time and it wasn't on Netflix. After the pictures, Alana and I watched Mockingjay, Part 1 to get ourselves for the Part 2 release in three weeks. Michael is going to the double feature with his friends which will play both, back to back. 
 For the blog title: Tiffany being Blood Widow's first name, as I am basically wearing her outfit in half of these pictures. I'm not sure if I just "made that up" since the cracked framed picture shown of young Blood Widow at the orphanage was really played by a young actress named Tiffany. But I believe the director, Jeremy, also said it when we met with him over the summer for the same reasoning.

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