Friday, October 23, 2015

Portraits ~ Wilder Family

Daddy did not come to the pumpkin patch with us on Sunday afternoon (girl time is fun too) but I wanted to get some Grandma and Grandpa pictures with Peyton too. So we set these up while there was still some light out before dinner. He was a sport laughing along while we took these. I'd really love to get some of her with great Grandpa "Papa Narles" too, if he's up for it. Maybe we can accomplish that when I'm in Gainesville again for Thanksgiving weekend/ Peyton's 1st birthday!!
 I made Daddy a Peyton scrapbook picture frame for his birthday. He says he has it on his desk at work and everyone comments on it. But I think he needs to print these other ones out too.
Especially this one. ^^ :)
 It's so strange to see how little Peyton is in these pictures, knowing she will one day probably grow to be at least 5'6" (Jacquie's height). And even being amazed that she can balance herself better now and stand almost on her own as her legs get stronger, and as long as someone lightly holds her up. Jacquie wanted to take a picture like the one above when we were at St. Augustine Beach, but a month ago Peyton wasn't strong enough yet and would keep trying to sit down instead. I look forward to happily freaking out to all of those new moments with our kid(s) one day.
At dinner that night I was just watching Peyton eat her Cheerios, and just sighed saying, "How can Michael not want one of these?" My comment got many quick responses such as "One of these?" and "Hurry! Sale ends Tuesday!" I have been thanking Michael for all the progress he has made, especially in the past few days. Last night I went to IKEA to look at micro cribs to check prices and dimensions, since Michael had been asking me how we would fit a crib in our bedroom. When I got back home he asked me to send him all of the pictures I had taken since he was at work (Halloween Horror Nights). *Excited gasp!* :)

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