Thursday, October 8, 2015

Peyton at the Park

A couple of months ago I made another plan to visit Grandma Belva (my dad's mom) this past weekend in Naples, and took off an extra day of work to stay with her a little longer. I told my brother and, since he hadn't seen Grandma since probably my wedding over 4 years ago and she hadn't yet met Jacquie or Peyton, they decided to come along too. It was a really good time. Here are pictures taken on the Canon T2i from when we went to the park across the street last Saturday.
 (Distracted by shiny jewelry, her favorite. She almost ripped Grandma's earlobes off!)
She is 10 months and 1 week old in these pictures. I cried on the way home Monday because I missed and love Peyton so much. I can't wait for Michael and I to have a baby, but hopefully a lot sooner than 4 years, which was the outrageous time frame I kept using. Actually I need to wait a little bit. My patience has been in short supply lately. Michael says I seem to be rushing through life. And I agree. I get so frazzled and worried about everything from 2 years ago to 52 years in the future, but just need to breeeeathe and take life slowly, one day at a time. Yesterday when I was riding my bike (10.5 miles ~ wooo!) I kept repeating, "Today is a good day. Today is a good day." It was.

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