Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Toby Tuesday

I was in 8th grade the day we adopted you from the animal shelter. It was a Tuesday in September. Zach and I got ready for school, but Mommy said we didn't have to go. She let us stay home that day and play with you. You were only 3 months old. We laughed when you ate a tiny piece of cauliflower off the floor and we took turns waving a small piece of string along the carpet and in the air so you would jump at it. We cheered each time you did a sideways back flip. You looked silly when you were little because your ears were the same size as your head. But you grew into them. Zach used the video camera one night and zoomed up on you, saying, "Look at that cute face."
Then he did the same to Mommy.
You were very frisky as a kitten and I think we gave you a "T" name since you had an area of orange fur on your back in the shape of that letter. I remember Daddy being disappointed that we had already given you a name before he came home from work, since he got no say in the matter. Once you were full grown, you quickly became what Mommy called "a crotchety old man" and didn't like being held, always trying to find new places to hide to sleep. Still I tried to get you to sleep on my bed. It made me so happy one night when you stayed in my room for several hours. And I was so surprised one night when I was walking into the living room. You jumped out at me from behind the blue chair, then bit my leg and ran away. Luckily I had jeans on, but it was good seeing you run around and being frisky again.
Over the past few years it was really nice as you got used to having people in and out of the house and you wouldn't hide as much. And I loved when Mommy would send me pictures of you watching Peyton closely, then running away when you realized she had learned to crawl. I wish I had been there the day you punched Jacquie in the face because she kept meowing at you and her face was down close to yours. I bet that was hilarious. Thank you for not punching me in the face when I had conversations with you as we mewed back and forth. And we cannot forget the time when Mommy brushed so much fur off of you that we were able to make another tiny kitten. Of course I had to take pictures of it around the house- even in the litter box! Thanks for helping us laugh and have so much fun that day without even trying.
I really wish I had given you an extra hug and kiss before I drove back to Orlando on Sunday night. Thank you for the kisses that you didn't mind giving each time I have come to visit over the past year and a half. Rest in Peace Tobs. We miss you so much already. June 2000 - October 2015. 

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