Monday, November 14, 2016

Chip Chipley

  I guess I've been blogging "too much" the past few months because I really haven't felt like adding anything new the past couple of weeks. However, I have to declare our special announcement after these three trumpet blasts: I'M PREGNANT!!
  7 weeks and 1 day today, with a current estimated due date of July 2nd, but that might get pushed back after my first doctor appointment which is in two weeks (November 28th). I want to be sure I get safely past the "Shrimp point", which ended very sadly at 7 weeks and 6 days last time.

   When they say "the minute you let it go and stop trying and stop only focusing on that one thing, it will happen". I hated hearing it all those times, since I had spent the past few months crying every time I got my period or the pregnancy test still only showed the negative line, but it's really true! (This is how things played out in my life for finding a boyfriend/ husband, to getting pregnant.) If you remember the few posts that I wrote about in August, I really thought I was pregnant then because I didn't get my period for over two months. Turns out my body just wasn't ovulating. We went to the doctor and she gave me medicine to get my period, then I took pills for my body to ovulate. I was upset when I didn't get pregnant that month and trying for a baby was unfortunately less fun in September since we "had to" do it on certain days. That's when I was like "this is such a waste of emotions! I'm tired of this controlling my life." So I dove back into doing lots of fun things, mostly involving hanging out with my UBF, Mia, since she just moved to Colorado with her boyfriend. They should actually be arriving at their new apartment today! Michael and I enjoyed each other and went on dates and only "did it" when we wanted to. And apparently taking all the stress out of it was exactly the magic we needed!

   So here is Chip's story so far. Chip being named since one of the food sizings (at 6 weeks) says "your baby is the size of a chocolate chip". Michael voted for that name last time, but I overrode him and we used Shrimp instead. The apps don't say the baby is the size of a shrimp, but at 5 weeks according to my Pregnancy+ app, the CGI embryo looks like a cute little shrimp. Anyway, so on Wednesday October 26th, I took a test kind of more "just because". I was expecting to get my period the day before, but didn't.  However I was 95% sure I was not pregnant because I didn't feel or see the changes in my body like I did last time.  I took a pregnancy test - the one from Dollar Tree. I've heard they are actually very accurate! And it showed two lines (positive). I was pretty shocked and had to look at the parallel pink lines several times, then back at the box. It was kind of a mixed bit of thoughts such as, "Wow.. what?.. okay.. well, that's good!.. Hmm.." I layed back in bed and said a ton on prayers. However, I still bought a second test (Equate) a couple hours later, since I figured Michael wouldn't trust the Dollar Tree one. That result was also wonderfully positive, with a blue cross. Doing the math, I was 4 weeks and 3 days along at that point.

  I told Michael over the phone on his way home from work late (he couldn't understand why I randomly wanted him to come home from work so badly). He was also very shocked at the news since after our fun New Smyrna day, I was on another angry tangent about not being pregnant until I'm 87 years old. We hugged, kissed, and cried a lot, then I drove up to Gainesville and told my parents - in the most boring way ever - then told Zach and Jacquie, and my good friend Lindsey. She's been trying to get pregnant again too. (And that weekend she told me that she is pregnant too! We're just a couple days apart. *Pregnancy twins*!!) Oh big point, was how proud I was of not telling Mia that I was pregnant since I had hung out with her for 3 hours the afternoon of the day I found out. But I had to tell Michael first. So I told Mia the next day, then my friends Tonia and Sharanya. Since then Tonia sent me a long list of all her tips, tricks, and recommendations with her baby, Ashlyn. She also gave me the rest of her prenatal vitamins!

  While we were at the cabin with Michael's family the first week of the month, we told them - in a less boring way. Michael had boxed up the gender neutral sheep outfit I had bought Chip and put a bottle of champagne in a tall bag. His dad opened the bottle, then his mom opened the box. She saw the baby outfit and looked at me, "Oh honey! Are you expecting!?" His dad exclaimed, "Whaaaat?!" And I even saw Parker wipe his eye after everyone hugged. I was only 5 weeks and 2 days then, but last time I felt so anti-social. I never got a chance to tell anyone I was pregnant (except Michael, my penpal Jenn, and our relator Anita) and share in all the excitement and prayers like I have this time. Also I have taken a lot more pictures. For Shrimp we only took the few I posted in April, but now I have about 50, holding my stomach every chance I get. Here are some of my favorites so far:
   Tomorrow is now considered National Shrimp Day and hopefully I will remember every year with a bit of happiness. November 15th was my estimated due date for Shrimp. It's crazy to think that tomorrow I could have been in the hospital, already delivering a baby. Although I have complained so much about how I'd be 30 before I really had a baby, now it seems like we are still so young. But that's a good thing. I've had 1/3 to my life to enjoy doing whatever, sleeping in, moving around the country. I can be happy with the next 2/3 of my life being the mom of at least one baby.  With how things are right now, having a baby in July, one month after my 30th birthday, seems like "perfect timing".

   Michael and I are trying to stay really positive this time. So far this pregnancy I haven't had any bleeding like I did before, and that is really helping me. Plus the strange fact that a box of baby formula was sent to me at my mom's house (using my maiden name) with a card that read, "Now that you're having a baby..!" I am fairly sure that I did not order that for myself when I was pregnant with Shrimp since I wouldn't have sent something to my mom since she didn't know I was pregnant, until I wasn't anymore. And I wouldn't have ordered it even to our old apartment since those things sometimes take a long time to be delivered and we started looking at houses in March. So yeah, it had to be sent by one of God's angels. Another "sign" that we'll get to keep this baby is from November 6th when Jacquie kept saying stuff like "Peyton where is your nose?" And she touched her nose, then a few other places (eyes, ears). Then Jacquie said "where's the baby?" assuming she'd point to Jacquie's tummy, but Peyton walked over to ME and pointed at my tummy!!! *gasp*

   Last Monday I started feeling sick at work, with two waves of "real sickness", but never had to run to the bathroom, thank goodness. My mom said she never threw up with me or my brother, and now I'm wondering if the couple times I got sick with Shrimp were more because of nerves during Phase 2 of Teletype training? I'm almost a pro now, being on my own ("solo") for almost 5 months. I had been perfectly fine feeling up to last Monday, but even that was my "worst" day. Last Friday being second worst (just the first 3 hours of work) when I had to stare at the wall so I couldn't see the computers or TV screens. I've learned that if I eat a good amount in the morning, within 30 minutes of waking up, then I'm good for the day. My go-to this weekend was raisin toast with peanut butter and chocolate cashew milk. Eggs and bananas don't sound good anymore, which I what I usually eat for breakfast. I still don't even really feel like I am pregnant except for a tiny bit of movement in my uterus as if stuff is moving, which obviously it is. Plus some small cramps here and there that only last for 10 seconds. And since last Monday I can mostly only be comfortable while sleeping on my back.

  Michael has been really great so far about everything too, especially this past weekHe has asked me a lot how I feel (if I feel sick) and has been really great about making the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for me. When I ask him in advance, he replies with "I would be happy to", or "If that would make you happy, then I can definitely make that happen" with the cute blushing smiley face emoji's that I love. He even passed the "good husband" test the other night. On Saturday I had enough food before I left work to the point where I wasn't hungry at all when I got home. I went to the mall with him and he even asked if I wanted him to make me a grilled cheese when we got back. I said, "no thank you" and went to sleep around 9pm. However, at 10pm when Michael came to bed, I woke up feeling sick and knew I needed to eat something. I had a cup of cereal, then felt time, but came time for The Test. I sauntered back into the bedroom and in a sick voice, asked Michael, "Could you make me a grilled cheese sandwich?" He paused for a second, but said "yeah" in a sweet voice and pulled back the covers to get out of bed. In my regular happy voice I said, "Just kidding! That was just a test- and you did great! Thank you for your sweetness!" Michael told me to not give him many more tests though or he won't know to help me when I really need it. 

  A few days ago he asked me if he could decorate the baby room himself (in gender neutral colors- light gray and white), without me peeking at it. That is kind of a big deal to me, since I always said I want free reign over the baby's room since, aside from my scrapbook room, Michael has decorated the rest of our house, and other apartments. Right now the "baby room" is the small guest bedroom where my mom, Mia, Sharanya, and cousin Lindsey have slept on the blow up mattress. I think that will get moved back into my scrapbook room when the crib and rocking chair takes over. I told Michael that I do trust him to make it look so great, especially with him having a Pinterest account for extra inspiration, and he did a probably accurate impression of me crying when I see how wonderful it turns out. The only thing is that (since it sounds like he wants to work on this kind of soon- maybe around Christmas or January) is that I want to pick out the pops of color, purple or blue pillows, depending on what we find out in February. He seems iffy about that, but I'm the Mommy!

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