Sunday, November 20, 2016

Painting Chip's Room

I have been asking Michael if he would paint the baby room, since we never got that done when we painted the rest of the house, since in June there was no "real" reason to. But now that I am 8 weeks pregnant, he was able to get a bit of motivation and finish it in about two hours! It's a small room. Here are the "before" pictures, when it was just a guest bedroom/ clean-ish junk room:
I took it from each corner of the room just so I could have better comparison photos when it's a super cute nursery. And here is one boring picture of it just empty before Michael painted the next day:
Michael said the color of gray he picked is called Argos. The bottom portion is not painted because he is going to add white bead board around the bottom 1/3 of the wall like he did in his makeup room.

& Here are a bunch of baby notes that I have written over the past few days:
I've been saying thank you prayers every time I go to the bathroom and there isn't any blood. That keeps me hopeful that Chip is growing strong and that everything will work out nicely. We have passed the "Shrimp point" (7 weeks, 6 days) and that also makes me feel good.

Michael mentioned to someone the other day that he wanted to watch some CPR videos so he could have the knowledge if anything ever happened and our baby choked on something. I thought that was very sweet and responsible. He also started talking about getting a new car (maybe next November) but he has mentioned wanting a truck. However the next time I asked him about it, he said a truck wouldn't be very good for car seats and kids. He's such a sweet man.

The last few nights have been really good, maybe because I've been going to bed later than usual (11pm on Thursday after seeing "Fantastic Beasts" and 10pm on Friday after dinner with Jennifer), but I was sleeping better, less uncomfortable, and didn't wake up really hungry/ sick feeling in the middle of the night. I'm still taking two naps on most days when I don't work.

I learned that Chip does not like Reese's McFlurrys. Nor does (s)he like regular yogurt; only Greek yogurt. When we were talking about when I would get an epidural and I started worrying about if I got it too early or waited to the point where it was too late to get it. Michael put his hand up to stop me and said, "Don't worry Shnooks. I'll take care of it for you."

Yesterday and today were really nice because I got to spend lots of time with Michael. Saturday morning he asked if I wanted to go jogging with him. Yes, you read that right!! I rode my bike behind him while he did intervals of jogging (mostly) and some walking. I was so proud of him. And then back at the house he was doing squats, lunges, push ups and crunches. He's been jogging with his new best friend, Jennifer, and wanted to keep up the exercise to get in great shape so he can reach "ultimate hot dad status" by July. I think his goal is to lose 20 pounds and be toned within the next seven months. So after that, we had a yummy lunch date at Panera, then went to Dick's Sporting Goods and Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up placemats, fancy cloth napkins (although I also got paper turkey napkins last month) and leaf napkin rings for Thanksgiving. I taped the plastic paint tarps around the baseboards of the baby room while Michael made dinner and then we drove to Target.

This morning I went to church, then Michael came home and painted the baby room. I was iffy about gray before, but its a nice light medium color, especially with the sun flowing in the window. I played "chase" with Sasha in the backyard when I could start smelling the paint in the living room, then took a short nap until Michael was done (yay, split floor plan)! He asked if I would go to Kohl's with him, then to JC Penney's because he's still trying to find matching curtains for the dining room. When we were driving to Clermont, he asked, "Did you notice that I'm taking the long way so we can spend more time together?" And then at Kohl's he was giving me the cutest beardy smiles while he tried on shoes. 

*** My second niece (although I also consider Jordyn to be my niece) Helena Rey was born at 4:55pm today, 6 lbs 8 ounces, 20 & 1/2 inches long. I'll take pictures of her when I visit in a couple of weeks. They will be the youngest baby pictures I have taken. She'll be 2 & 1/2 weeks at that point. So far the youngest has been Tonia's baby Ashlyn at about 9 weeks. I didn't start taking pictures of Peyton on the Canon until she was about 9 months old. 

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