Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning I was able to wake up at 7:45am without being super tired, so hopefully my body has already adjusted back to "normal people time". Michael and I got ready for the day- I put on my new favorite Christmas outfit.. or "elf outfit" as Michael later described it. Christopher and Meredith came over again with their dog, Daisy. We had the most delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then there were lots of wonderful presents to be unwrapped!
Ours included candy in our stockings and money for our trip to LA. I got a very soft owl plush that Sasha already tried to get dibs on, Season 3 of Glee and a 40-pack of wide Polaroid film! Michael got The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray along with a full box of red make up sponges and an inspirational plaque about enjoying life. Although Michael and I agreed not to exchange gifts so we could save money for LA, Michael still surprised me with a "loaded" gift card to Forever 21!
A couple years ago, my Aunt Sue Ann got Michael and I a Christmas scrapbook, which will last for the next 20 or 25 Christmases. Last year (being our first married Christmas) we began our annual "family portrait". It was taken on a tripod last year, but this year, Parker took it for us outside of his parents' house. Sasha was going crazy, trying to jump down to chase a cat while we held her, so she didn't make it into the photo!
 I love how Mrs. Patty always has Christmas music playing throughout the living room and kitchen. The songs are very nice and not distracting at all. Michael and I discussed how we particularly enjoyed a more upbeat version of "Carol of the Bells". Later on in the day, he went over to a friend's house while I stayed with the family and laughed so much as Meredith read Christopher's 2nd grade journal out loud. It's been a wonderful day!

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