Sunday, December 30, 2012

Friendship Bomb!

Yesterday I slept in since the day before I woke up early to go out to breakfast with Grandpa. After I was ready for the day, I helped my dad pick up pinecones in the yard then went for a walk with my mom. Once my brother, Zach, woke up, we had a Christmas scavenger hunt (my favorite!) for a last minute gift. Then at 3:30pm, Mia, Sharanya and Tonia came over again to splatter paint.
That had been Mia's ideas- for us to make one big "painting", then all take one piece. I supplied the 5x7-inch canvases and the little paints. Zach took a few Polaroids for us and my dad took the silly group shot of us holding our finished products.
Sharanya drove us to the San Felasco park and we walked along a few trails and played on the swings until 6pm when the park closed and it was almost completely dark. We talked at home for a little before heading back out for dinner at Moe's. My meal was really good. I got the Funkmeister. Plus I like all the free chips it comes with. Mia stayed a few extra hours with me at my parents' house and we watched episodes of Glee that she hadn't seen.

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