Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012..

I'm already feeling torn between my resolutions and hobbies. I am trying going to spend less time on the computer, but I also need to update for the past two days before I go out and take more pictures at a nature park/ farm.. What a pickle I am in! I'm actually updating on the porch at my parents' house so at least I'm getting some fresh air while I type this.

On Monday night Mia and Tonia came over after I spent a few hours visiting our friend Lindsey. (She lives in California, but its six hours north of LA, so I'm not sure how often we will be able to visit. Although I would love to see her at the end of the summer because she is having a baby in July!!) I was so excited a few days ago when I found out that Tonia really likes Glee too, so the three of us sat in my room with a candle and the lights off. We talked a bit about our big plans for 2013 and then listened to Lea Michele's beautiful rendition of "O Holy Night".
My small graham cracker house after it "snowed" powdered sugar!
Mommy's first house suffered a California earthquake. Oh no!!
This is her finished Flintstone house & mini house for Dino.
Tonia's big Dugger family house, heehee.
After our peaceful five minutes with the song, my mom joined us in a game of Quelf. I will admit, that game even makes me feel embarrassed -which rarely happens- but I got into it more after I had to do an Irish jig while singing "the Wheels on the Bus". Considering I also had to wear a bra on my head and keep the game's box under my shirt half of the time, I'll leave those pictures to the imagination. Around 10:30pm, we began making belated ginger break houses using graham crackers. Mia got way creative and very detailed with her Indian village. It was wonderful!
Mia's Indian tribe around the fire. Watch out for bears!
Her Indian village was complete with teepees and a grassy river.


  1. Yay for friends and resolutions! I am very excited for your big move to LA. I know change can be a scary thing, but it can also be a great and wonderful thing if you allow it into your life! So just go out and make the best of it! It is essentially a "fresh start" (as cliche as that sounds)!

  2. Holla! I made it on the blog! Haha :) I don't know what the game of Quelf is, but it sounds hilarious and it makes me want to go find a goofy board game to play. All we ever play is Cranium (because that's the only game we own) but we should start improving our collection because there are so many great games out there. I love the gingerbread houses... and Mia is super creative! Her landscape architect degree is showing!! :)