Friday, January 18, 2013

The Big Move ~ Day 1

Phew! It sure has been an adventure these past few weeks. And I’ve only been able to post now because we haven’t really had Internet since we left Orlando. I am currently sitting in Panera Bread with Michael, indulging in a Mediterranean Salmon salad and using their Wi-Fi, with plans to go hiking again after!  On Thursday, January 3rd at 11am, Michael and I (along with so much help from his generous parents- honestly, we wouldn’t be in LA right now if it hadn’t been for them) began our drive across the country.
We drove though Tallahassee, Mobile, enjoyed a beautiful sunset in Mississippi (which was too pretty to add the “colored pencil” effect to) and stopped in Covington, Louisiana for the first night. The Residence Inn was amazing. I loved how each room looked like a tiny apartment. Definitely my new favorite hotel.
The four of us had dinner at Applebee’s then went straight to sleep after showering, so we could get up again at 5:30am! I was surprised at how good Sasha behaved in the hotel (Michael only had to get out of bed once to make her stop barking), compared to my first experience with her over Thanksgiving.


  1. Traveling across country in a rental van just has to be called an Adventure! You were able to see things that air passengers don't get to see up close. The Residence Inn looked really nice. Great sunset pic. -D

  2. Nice room! I'll have to remember the name of that place to stay there one day. I'm glad Sasha did well. Everything worked out so perfectly for you guys! :)