Monday, January 28, 2013

Practice Video

Before the sun set any further and I left to get more groceries, I spent about five minutes outside capturing some small interesting pieces of our front yard. The orange tree, the swing that the owner built for his daughter when she was little, and the clover weeds that actually make our yard look prettier since its no longer a blank canvas of dirt.

I can already imagine the future videos and hopefully there will be plenty more. Just short snippets like these- a peek into our lives, along with more pictures and animations. I'm really crossing my fingers for Michael to be well enough tomorrow to take our Valentine's pictures and such, with Dawson's help. I have a few ideas up my pink short sleeves!


  1. I LOVE THE VIDEO! Oh my goodness I am so looking forward to watching more of them. I wanna convince Zach to take Valentine's Day photos with me! I have no problem snapping random pictures of the two of us together, but planning a picture session may take a little extra convinving (or maybe not...who knows).

  2. I really liked the video; several topics blended together. A good start for a video collection on your blog. And I liked your last staement. Looking forward to more posts. -D

  3. What a great video! Sasha looks cold though! Is she shivering? Do I need to send you a doggy sweater? ;) I really liked the video, for reals. :)