Monday, January 28, 2013

Snowballs in Texas!

This morning I finally made a GIF out of the 8 pictures that Michael took of me at a gas station in Fort Stockton, Texas the morning of January 5th!! It was easier for me to paste the HTML code from a free website called Picasion since I couldn't export it as one with Final Cut Pro and Michael is currently sick and didn't have time to teach me how to use Adobe After Effects.

I was so excited to see all the snow that morning and kept watching the fuel gauge needle in the Uhaul, hoping it would go down faster so we could stop and take pictures. It was fun stomping on the snow, realizing it was deeper than I expected. The snow was soo cold though, but Michael reminded me that I was holding a soft block of ice. My hands quickly became super numb, but it was still worth it for the fun. I did later invest in a nice pair of gloves from Target a couple weeks ago.

I do plan to make more GIFs in the future and maybe even work on some quick video snippets. They would have to be about 30 seconds or I would completely get bored and lose focus. Anyway, since I am thinking about it, here are some more pictures from our cold morning driving through different mini-towns of Texas.


  1. That's a great animated GIF you have there! And I liked the other photos too. I hope Michael feels better soon. -D

  2. Love your GIF! I love road trips so much. The scenery is just beautiful and breath taking. I am looking forward to when I have to drive home (I still haven't asked Zach to come with me...yet, but have been thinking about it, this way he can meet my family and I wouldn't have to drive alone). I am going to try and update my blog as much as possible.

  3. I love the GIF! And I cannot believe you stopped in Fort Stockton of all places! Haha! Did you see the Motel 8 or the Super 8, whatever that hotel is there? That's where we were stranded for those two weeks. :-P Glad you enjoyed Ft. S more than we did! Ha!