Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paparazzi 101

The other day I was just browsing along an Ashley Tisdale fansite and I noticed in the "Candid" folder that she stopped to have lunch earlier this month at a small restaurant called 101 Coffee Shop, in Hollywood, where she ran into a former "Suite Life" co-star, Dylan Sprouse (who now sports an awesome mohawk)!
** above photo courtesy of AshleyTisdale.org **

 Soon after, I "somehow" ended up on Google Maps and observed that the cafe was across the street from the Hollywood Tower and I knew where that was because I always thought it was an interesting building, all the times we had passed by it before. The 101 Coffee Shop is on Franklin Avenue, and since I try to pay attention to (and rememeber the names of) certain roads that we often travel on, I knew we would be passing it today on the way back from Griffith Park.
I don't know who that Daniel Radcliffe/ Jamie Bell looking guy is, who went into the cafe as we drove by, but figured I would take a picture, just incase he is famous! Of course this research was a breeze, considering I did it simply for the enjoyment of one of my best friends, Alana. None of this "celebrity gossip" has any real interest to me......................................

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  1. Getting to know your way around - that can only be helpful in the future. I like your pics today, as they show what you describe in the post. Thanks! -D