Sunday, January 27, 2013

This & That; Dog & Cats

On Friday we got out Internet hooked up, after a couple AT&T employees came out and fixed things. Aside from catching up on some of my more favorite shows, I am reflecting on enjoying the time when I don't use the Internet. I have found that I can easily keep myself occupied. It helps me get handmade scrapbook cards created, errands run, dishes cleaned and put away. I read more (magazines) and we hike a lot.
Michael has been doing sooo amazingly great with eating healthier and losing weight since we moved. Its almost funny how the past few days he has wanted to go hiking in the morning and in the afternoon. But due to the fact that it has been non-stop drizzling since Thursday (not counting yesterday when the weather was nice and cool and sunny), we haven't spent as much time as Griffith Park as the past weeks. Yesterday after our first time at Runyon Canyon - with our Full Sail friend, Gaby - the three of us went to Pinkberry for frozen yogurt. Gaby and I each got a mix of Chocolate Hazelnut & Salted Caramel, while Michael only got a small cup of fresh fruit with honey!!  
I am so incredibly proud of him.
 I don't feel "safe" bringing the fancy Canon camera on hikes with us- nor do I want to have a heavy backpack attached to me for an hour while sweat collects under my shirt.. Gross.. I have only brought my Polaroid camera to the trails so far. However, last night after buying a really chintzy camera at Target and not liking it right away, Michael returned it and bought us a better one instead (also at Target) ~ a Samsung ST66 with a 5x zoom and 16.1 megapixels.  Its nothing too fancy, but will be way better to take on hikes and the beach, instead of hoping they turn out okay from the lame camera on my cell phone. Here is a cute Test Photo that we took last night just to see how well the camera worked:
I'm sure it will be more in focused in natural lighting. We'll test it out soon! Anyway, so I don't really have many pictures yet. Aside from our neighbor's stray cats when I see them sleeping on our deck or just sitting around outside through our window. When their literal "cat fights" begin at night, it strangely sounds like a baby crying. That shouldn't last too much longer, now that Michael recently purchased a water gun as his new weapon of attack.
The black kitty's chipmunk face always makes me laugh! & these are only a few of the cats I have seen. I'm positive there are at least six more.


  1. Ugh, I can't stand listening to cat fights! Their calls are so annoying... I know what you mean with it sounding like a baby crying! It can really startle you in the middle of the night if they are under your window! That black one with the chipmunk face is really cute... he does have pretty full cheeks! Do these belong to your neighbor that wears her depends with the see through to take the trash out? PS- Yay for Michael getting healthy! I can tell you're very pleased. :)

  2. I am so glad you and Michael are settling in great! I just got your spam comments on my blog (haven't posted much since being back at school, but I have tried)! Your mom told me and Zach about the crazy old lady and her depends ( I couldn't help but laugh). I am so excited that you are sticking to your resolutions/goals! I love getting random messages from you. It's awesome. Even though Zach won't admit it, he misses you. We often find ourselves talking about you or my siblings. It's quite awesome. Well as creeper-esque as this is going to sound I miss you as well (hope that's not creepy)! Still loving all your pictures by the way!