Wednesday, January 2, 2013

..& Hello 2013

You are so beautiful already! Yesterday, on the very first day of the new year, I got the chance to drive up to see Alana again. I last saw her and Cody in July, but not since her accident in September when she got thrown off a horse. But she is doing much better than I thought. Last I heard she was in a wheel chair about 80% of the time and just held onto tables and people when she had to walk around. But yesterday when I visited her, she greeted me at the door- she was standing there like normal and holding her new dog, Oliver. I was so excited and proud of her!! She still gets therapy for her hands and has to keep walking a lot to eventually get back to her original posture/ form.
I was able to meet Cody's parents too since we stayed at their house for the day. They were very nice and had a small Yorkie dog named Lexie. We drove to Governor's Park down the street (twice since at first I forgot my camera in Cody's room!). It was a wonderful huge open field with a run down house at the top of the hill. Although some bricks had fallen out and the doors were boarded up, I thought the pictures turned out really cool.
I stayed for dinner and Cody's mom made beans to symbolize coins, Asian salad for dollar bills and frozen grapes. You're supposed to eat 12 for each month of goodness. I only had two because last night we couldn't remember what grapes were for. We also had yummy rolls and ham and rice. Cody's Grandma Dottie also joined us and told me that she lived in LA one year in the 1940's and worked at a flower shop.
PS ~ My mom and I didn't end up going to the Morningside Nature Park and Farm today (Wednesday) because it rained. Plus the Living History volunteers only dress up and work like they are back in the 1870's on Saturdays and that was what I really wanted to see. But I got my days mixed up. Oh well.

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  1. What a great surprise to see Alana up and about! I've been thinking about her and hoping and praying she has recovered. Nice to see she's doing so well! That house at the park made me think of The Walking Dead for some reason, like there are zombies hiding out in the house waiting for live people.....