Monday, December 24, 2012

Is It Christmas Yet?

We haven't been able to come to Birmingham, Alabama to visit Michael's family since July of last year, so I have nothing about the nice city on my blog yet. However, due to the holiday season and us only really spending two full days here, we didn't go to any parks like we normally do - mainly Spain Park and Peavine Falls. So I took some pictures around the house and of some of the Christmas decorations, including Dr. Gore mapping out our trip to North Hollywood next week!
Christopher and Meredith came over and we decorated cookies. Parker helped Michael's mom cook "brinner" (breakfast for dinner!) while Dr. Gore got ready for work. The meal was very delicious with the egg, sausage and biscuit casserole, a side of grits and a mix of fruits with cinnamon for dessert.
Parker and I had a short "photo off" since we have the same camera. But he used the kit lens for his pictures, while I used the 50mm. He may have made the smarter choice- my 50mm had a hard time deciding what to focus on. We both took pictures of Sasha while she we resting. I liked Parker's better because of the pillow colors in the background from his angle. 
After dinner, Michael walked with me and Sasha around the neighborhood to look at the houses that had nice lights set up. Some of them didn't have too much, but they still looked really nice. I like the ones with light-up characters better, compared to the blow up-ones.

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