Friday, December 28, 2012

Delicious Dinner Plans

Our texting communication got a little fumbled, especially after my phone battery died so quickly, but we were able to meet up with Tonia and Sharanya by 6pm for pizza at Satchels. Mia and Tonia ordered a salad, which we all shared. It was sooooo good and now I don't know how I will eat one without apple slices. While our order was cooking, we talked about Mia's schooling and Tonia getting married in a couple months!
I ordered The Mama Calzone with bacon, ham, pineapple and sausage. Very yummy too with the marinara dipping sauce. By the way, I am literally salivating as I write this post.. We walked around the gift shop and I saw a few things that I would have bought if I had more money ~ not that I needed any of it or half of the things I already own.. Mia wanted to stay because there was live music, but lately I have felt like an old lady and like to be home after it gets dark. *sigh* We all drove back to my parents' house and instead of having a full Blood Widow "premiere" (which was also planned for tomorrow), we simply watched the movie and some behind the scenes footage. It was a very nice day, with more fun in store for tomorrow!

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  1. I wish I could've joined you guys! :( Not that I would've been able to enjoy the food or anything... but it looks like you had a nice time. :)