Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blood Widow Release

Blood Widow, the feature-length movie that Michael and I worked on back in June 2011, was officially released for sale on Amazon on June 3rd of this year and out to rent on Redbox June 26th. Michael's parents have both seen it already, but we have not since we got the rough cut version back in Orlando.  But I'm excited to get our copy since it says the DVD comes with a blooper reel, deleted scenes and an audio commentary! I went through and watched some behind the scenes videos that I had recorded from those beautiful weeks a few summers ago. Michael did such a great job with all the special make up effects and I enjoyed being the 2nd Assistant Director and personal assistant to Ms. Gabbie Henry, our lead villain!
 I like my friends here in Birmingham asking me about the movie and how one guy will say "I think he's in the kitchen" every time he walks by me since that was my famous line as Hipster at Party (and I would have no problem dressing like that every day). I kept planning to bring in my Blood Widow scrapbook, before remembering that it has been boxed up already. I was watching the official behind the scenes videos on YouTube that were released as the time passed to get fans excited for the final release. Michael's video is here & Brandon's video (Hugh/ male protagonist) is here.

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