Sunday, July 13, 2014


On Thursday night Lauren texted me saying, "Don't make plans for tomorrow night." I got excited because she had mentioned a going away party for me. So on Friday, Michael and I met a bunch of my friends at Al's Grill- a popular spot known for their chicken fingers that Michael had taken me to during Full Sail for one of our Birmingham trips to visit his parents. We have talked a lot recently about being more social, especially after we move, since a lot of his Universal friends still haven't met me yet. I was so glad he was a part of this night, so I definitely owe him one. It's just really nice having him sit next to me and being able to give him a smile and squeeze his hand.

I had originally asked Lauren if it was going to be an Amish party, but she said no. (An Amish party is where everyone dresses in olden clothes, sits around a wooden table with candles lit and we talk about Jesus!) I promised Danielle that I would wear my Helen Keller outfit, until I remembered that I have packed everything except exercise clothes and beach clothes - hence my cute little beach dress. Michael said I was talking and laughing louder than usual with everyone, but that's a Rumspringa for you! ;)

I'm really glad that everyone was able to make it.

** Today is Cory Monteith's one year "death-iversary". ☹ I'd be binge watching old Glee episodes on Netflix if I could, but for some reason it hasn't been working on my laptop and I don't know how to use the Apple TV device. Plus all my DVDs have been packed for weeks. Instead I've been amazed by this Harry Potter/ Twilight dance battle video that I found online today. The BTS is great too!!

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