Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I hope next year, around the end of June, I remember to read the 4th of July posts by Naomi Davis on her LoveTaza blog. She makes it look like the best holiday ever! (See their 2014 and 2013 celebrations linked here.) We spent the day boxing things up for our move back to Orlando- of course Michael did most of the work while I filtered through all my scrapbook stickers, themed paper and embellishments. Parker and his girlfriend, Joo, were visiting for the weekend at Michael's parents' house and cooked the hamburgers and hotdogs for us. We also ate potato salad, baked beans and fruit for dinner, outside on the patio. Around 7:30pm Michael drove us to a church parking lot up on a big hill where a lot of other people were. We waited about an hour until it got dark and the fireworks started at 9pm over the famous Vulcan statue in Birmingham. It was nice being outside and talking with Michael without distractions of TV or internet. I did complain about being cold (every other day has been so hot I have barely gone for walks) so Michael let me use the chair covers as pants!! These are the only pictures we took this year for the 4th of July, but I was glad I had a red shirt this year. Last year I had to substitute with pink:

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