Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Packing again.. oh my goodness. Please don't ever give me anything for the rest of my entire life. I'll open it with a big smile on my face and exclaim, "Oooh! The shoppers at Goodwill are going to love this!!" ~ Rachel, 5 July 2014

Packing is another activity that makes me want less. Why is everything that I buy important in that moment? Why do we "need" so much junk? Storage units should not ever be necessary so it is very nice that we will have a garage next month. I want everything I own to fit in two suitcases.
 Sasha is definitely going to miss her spacious front porch. But I'm looking forward to living in a smaller place and paying less for rent. About half of what we paid for rent in California and a few hundred less than where we lived in Orlando before, but not less than here. ;)

A big thank you to Michael for boxing almost everything up while I have been at work. And of course thank you to his parents for giving us a place to live since we didn't have enough money left in savings to move straight to Orlando from California last year. But Birmingham is a beautiful place and I've enjoyed calling it "home" for the past nine months.

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