Sunday, July 27, 2014

Portraits ~ Danielle

Michael and I just drove down to Orlando from Birmingham with his mom. He says this is really the last time we will move until we get a house, but we say that every time. They are enjoying mother/son time at dinner and driving around the area, while I have doggy time with Sasha in the nice hotel. It has beautiful wood floors, and of course I have to take advantage of the free Wifi!!
On Friday (July 18th), I met my friend Danielle at the Aldridge Botanical Gardens in Hoover, Alabama so I could take some modeling pictures of her. I wanted to do it for fun and since I haven't done portraits in forever, plus she needed an updated photo to send out with her graduation invitations. It was about 15% rainy, but I convinced her to still meet me since we had been planning this photo shoot for a few weeks and it was the very last day we were both available. I'm sure I also threw in a comment about how if she wanted to be a real model, she would do whatever it takes! I did the same, as the photographer, waking up earlier than usual for this fun opportunity.
I loved the mix of green foliage, small bright flowers, the blue in her clothing, the vibrant pink lipstick and gold pearls so much that I didn't even have to edit any of them. Well, Michael edited the rain drops from the top of her lovely royal blouse (a term I never use, but its nicer than a shirt!) in her number one favorite picture/ the first one posted. Danielle told me that her sister did her make up that morning. I thought it looked really nice. Very America's Next Top Model. My goodness, when is Cycle 21 going to air?
Danielle was an easy model (my favorite!) ~ coming up with her own poses, aware of the lighting, and knowing where she wanted the scene set, without needing too much direction from me. But she was a wonderful mix between serious and silly. I even got a few crazy shots of her purposely making faces just to make me laugh! I miss her and my other friends already, but now when Michael and I go back to Birmingham to visit his family, I will have plenty of time to see my friends too.

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