Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ruffner Mountain

Michael was bummed that he wasn't able to spend my birthday with me since I was gone for a week. But we made plans for Wednesday, June 18th since we both had that day off from work. We originally talked about going to Desoto Caverns, but when things began moving along with the 911 hiring process and we talked seriously about moving to Orlando and putting as much as we can into savings, I asked if we could hike at Ruffner Mountain instead since that is free! I had gone there in May when Sharanya visited after we got back from the beach at Hilton Head.
 Michael and I followed the quarry trail to an opening at the bottom. He hated it! Ha, he felt like he was in the dessert and the air felt hotter and more humid, but I didn't complain. I just kept taking pictures. Then we followed a different trail back up to the cliff part for that amazing view! It looks a lot higher from the top than from the safety of being on the ground, but I was feeling risky. ;)
After hiking we definitely took cold showers back at home since it was so hot out. (Hopefully I will go swimming more in Orlando if I go to Mia's apartment or Alana's or Miriam's house- they both have pools in their back yard!!) Then we picked up Michael's mom and the three of us had dinner again at Olive Garden. I love going there because I can fill up on bread sticks, salad and chicken gnocchi soup, then take my Italian entree home. This past Sunday, Michael and I had a date together at Salvatore's one last time. Oh my goodness- how do they make the best pizza in the world? That delicious thin crust and hot seasoned cheese. Next week may have to be our "one last time" instead.

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