Friday, October 14, 2016

He is 28.

  Michael celebrated his birthday(s) on Wednesday and Thursday. He had to work both days, but on the 12th he went to Halloween Horror Nights with some Universal friends. Last night, on the 13th, we had dinner together at Cooper's Hawk. That was enjoyable because he was making me laugh a lot. On the ride there we did some relationship improv that made him think of us as Holly & Michael from "The Office".

  Inside we shared the caprese flatbread and both got a different kind of pork. His was BBQ flavored and mine was maple and pretzel crusted. As we waited for the bill, Michael was making fun of all the random greeting cards I have in my "collection" while barely any of them are simple Thank You cards. He said it's just ones like "sorry to hear about your bus crash" or "get well soon from your amputation". I kept laughing, so he continued to make up more examples. Of course I don't have any exactly like those. But now if I find one, I'll have to give it to him for his next birthday. 

  I didn't bring my phone to the restaurant and Michael's storage was full, but I got some pictures at home with the Canon. He got lots of checks and gift cards. I got him The 100, Season 3 DVD and a long sleeve Game of Thrones shirt that just got shipped. The cupcake was from Heather at VAMP.
 ^^ Michael LOVES this picture right now.
 ^^ Here you can barely see the blue streamers hanging up in the bedroom. =)
 His favorite gift! Harry Potter story characters, all painted by one of his best friends, Saida.

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