Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Haunting's Past

  I've been going through to look at all the Halloween pictures we have taken over the years. The first two pictures are framed and sent to us by our moms. Michael's was a Halloween Mother Goose Parade at school when he was six and he was one of the three blind mice. And of course I was Dorothy, one of the 12 times I've been her (so far)! My younger brother, Zach, as Big Bird from Sesame Street. I had a framed picture of Michael as Boba Fett when he was maybe 12 or 13, but since we have moved, I haven't been able to find that.
  In 2009, Michael's apartment complex was having a party by the pool house. He worked really hard for the few days before in order to finish his Jango Fett costume right before the party. They even said whoever wins the costume constest gets a free month of rent! Whoa. And he won! I easily put together this Wicked Witch of the East (mean Nessarose/ Elphaba's sister from Wicked) outfit with the tights and ruby slippers. How she looked before Dorothy's house landed on her.

   We also did the Biogenesis event, which was an area in the parking lot all set up to look like a science lab that got broken into and I was a zombie along with a bunch of other people. We made a teaser trailer which was really fun and displayed on the huge TV screen between building 2 and 3 for people to watch as they drove past. Michael did a lot of the make ups. At this time I have not gotten that far on my Full Sail blog, so I'll post a couple of those here:
With Michael's best friend at the time, Angel Alfonso.
And my parents came to see the "production"!!
  ** I am surprised and disappointed that I have nothing from 2010, while we were at Full Sail. How can that be when everyone was so creative? All I really have is a few of us in a pumpkin patch.
  In 2011, we had graduated and gotten married, and Michael had begun working at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. I was invited to Miriam's party. I dressed up as the singer Ke$ha and I made my friend, Julie, dress as Kansas Dorothy (the ruby slippers are even snug on my feet so she wore them mostly at the party when she could be sitting down) with my black flats. I don't think I got a picture of us together, nor did I really get a picture with Miriam. Sheesh. Before today I only had one picture on that post, but I'll just post them here. Less clicking.
Miriam with Tom before she put some Joker makeup on him since he wasn't dressed up.
Miriam and Garth as a princess and her frog prince.
Black Swan, white swan, with a Ghostbusters guy.
Tom and Brittany sharing a laugh. I've met her three times.
  In 2012, that's when we did the "Red Riding Hood attacked by the wolf" shoot. I did dress up like that at work and won for best costume or make up effects. I got a $10 Walmart gift card! And then gave it to Michael since he did all the work. I remember I peeled the prosthetic off my face halfway through the night because it was feeling really heavy.

  In 2013, before the holiday, I got in a Wizard of Oz mood and did a shoot with Sasha. Then at the end of the month, our friends Banks and Lacey had a Halloween party at their house in California. Everyone there dressed up, so that was good. Sometimes I think I don't take very many pictures of Sasha, but apparently on this day she disagreed:
   In 2014 at work, I was the white swan from the movie Black Swan (since I didn't have a black dress at the time). Unfortunately people at work don't really care about Halloween or they get embarrassed or something because I was about 1 of 3 people dressed up, in a shift of 25 people. Michael dressed as a pimp since he was the only guy in his group/ station at Halloween Horror Nights. We took a picture together, but now I can't find that anywhere. These are from Instagram.
   That year I also did the photo shoot of Alana and her dog, Scarlett, as Dorothy and Toto. Alana was super kind and gave me that white puffy sleeve shirt since she didn't wear it too often and saw how excited I was that she had such a perfect Dorothy shirt. Here are some more pictures that I did not originally add in that post, including a behind the scenes of model and photographer!

  Last year I didn't have to work Halloween, but still wanted to do something creative that Michael could help me with, and thought about Edward Scissorhands. So he did the make up on me (see Instagram pic) and then Alana took the pictures for me. I spent a couple days in Gainesville instead so I could be there to celebrate Peyton's first Halloween and go to Boo at the Zoo with her. Of course I was Dorothy then too (punk Dorothy with my shaved hair and Converse), so I was obviously very excited when the last walk through area was the Wizard of Oz! Jacquie took these pictures on my phone because I wanted to be in some pictures with Peyton too. The girl in the top left of these four was Rafiki from the Lion King. I really loved that whole event and really hope they have something like that (fun and not scary) for us to take our future kids to in Orlando! I remember that Peyton was so interested in watching the group of girls do their synchronized Thriller choreography and other dances to Halloween sounding songs.
  This year Michael and I are going to have matching costumes and I am very excited about that. I will be sure to take good pictures and show them off on Halloween. I'll be wearing something you have seen on the blog before (from last year), but it's not Dorothy ~ I promise!

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  1. OMG how was Peyton that little last year?! Very excited for Boo at the Zoo this year and that you get to come again and that Zach actually gets to participate too! We went out tonight and did find the pieces of clothes we needed for our costumes so no worries on that front! Yay for nerdy family costumes. Gotta take advantage while I can before she gets older and is all "I wanna be *insert whatever future Peyton likes here*" and has an opinion 😂