Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Smyrna

  Even though VAMP is usually Monday-Friday for Michael, there have been a couple weekends where he helps with side projects, such has building a heat box to bake the molds and a make up demo at the downtown library. Last night he showed me a lot of new test make ups they have been doing for the students during the week, so I need to share some of those soon! But I asked if he could keep today free because I wanted to go to the beach since I saw a post on Facebook about a restaurant in a big treehouse!
   We left around 9:30am. The weather has been extremely wonderful today! It was about 60 when I got up at 7am and was still cool and windy all day at the beach. We didn't need our new jackets once we got to New Smyrna, but having my long sleeve "wifey" shirt and jeans on were perfect! On the way there Michael made me find something else to do besides just drive an hour and 15 minutes to the restaurant, so I found the Sugar Mill Ruins. One review said it took about 30 minutes to walk around and see everything, but I think we were there less than ten. However, there was a nature trail that was blocked off with caution tape, probably because of Hurricane Matthew a couple weeks ago.
   The beach was a lot of fun. It was the area where my cousins and I came for a week in the summer of 2004, 2006 and 2008. I rolled up my pants to my knees, but that wasn't high enough with all the fun jumping and spinning and splashing I was doing. But I got a great laugh out of it and they dried when we went for a walk. Michael ordered me the new iPhone 7 a few weeks ago and we picked it up on Thursday night (before our Chipotle date). The pictures turn out pretty crispy! And I enjoy the live photos, so even though these look like regular pictures, some of them are actually 3 second videos. Too bad they don't show up that way on my blog or Instagram! All the pictures here were taken with my iPhone 7, instead of the Canon. Just pretend you can see me hopping over the little waves and my hair blowing all over in the selfies. It was a good time!
   The treehouse restaurant, Norwood's, was really cool. Unfortunately the side part was having construction done (maybe also due to the hurricane?) and the other half was full, so we sat underneath it. Better than sitting inside though, like all the boring people! Our food was good. I liked the fries a lot, they had the perfect amount of crispness and I have most of my Cuban sandwich left over for tomorrow. Michael's swordfish was good too. I liked all the bruschetta toppings on it, but only asked for one bite. And there was free bread! Always my favorite part of the meal.
   Michael is napping now, but says we can go to Downtown Disney when it gets dark (his forehead got burnt from the 30 minute beach walk), so I'm excited to go there with him. We haven't had much time to hang out recently, or when we do, we're just watching TV after work. Hopefully I will get to hang out with Mia again for a bit tomorrow while he goes for a walk with his friend. I told him to bring sunscreen and a hat!!


  1. these photos are beautiful!

    hope you can check us out (:

  2. That table is so pretty! I now find myself wanting to make one eventually. Looks like you had lots of fun! So happy you guys are still adventurous 😍👍🏻

  3. I love swordfish too. Michael's beard looks great! Outdoor dining seems to have been a nice adventure. -D