Saturday, October 8, 2016

Spiders and Skeletons

   Well, we got really lucky with Hurricane Matthew in our area of town! Our power only went out for 30 seconds, and we just have sticks and lots of leaves to pick up. It even stopped raining around Noon yesterday and then got windy. I took some pictures, but nothing really worth posting. Today has been great and sunny, so we've been getting all the yard work done. I did the mowing and Michael has been power washing the driveway and the sidewalk in front of our yard (because we got a notice from our HOA). It seems like half of the neighborhood got one though because I've seen a handful of people power washing their driveways recently too.

   Here are the great pictures I got of Sasha earlier this week in her spider costume. I'm really glad I grabbed it at Ross when we went with my mom because it fits her great. I got her a medium because of her large rib cage- she has a big heart! She doesn't even mind wearing it, but maybe because it is worn the way her winter jacket is, that she wears the few times it is cold outside (like when we lived in Birmingham). Grandma Belva gave me the little pumpkin man when I visited her about 12 days ago, after the Aquarium trip.
   And *ba-da-da-daaah!* here is our skeleton!  He started out looking like a regular clean white-boned science room skeleton, but Michael took him to work and put all this gross decaying looking stuff on him to make it look realistic. A few nights ago he shredded and stained the clothes. So we just dressed him and hung him up. I felt like we were on an episode of How to Get Away with Murder! The pirate hat originally had Captain Jack Sparrow dreadlocks, but he didn't like them and cut them off. He screwed the hat onto the top of the skull so it wouldn't fly off. He is such a smart man!! Also very patient (as it took several attempt to get the rope over the tree branch).
   Michael is already betting that we will get another notice from the HOA about the skeleton pirate. I hope not, but we'll see! Time to run some errands and then my cousin, Lindsey, will be here! I don't think I have any pictures of her on my blog yet. Gasp! **Never mind, I found one. Phew!! =)

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