Monday, October 31, 2016

Boo at the Zoo, Part II

   I will have a lot to write about in November with our Halloween party last night at our house, Peyton in the pumpkin patch earlier today, and then about the cabin trip that we leave for tomorrow! Plus Thanksgiving and newborn pictures whenever Jacquie's baby Helena Rey is born. I drove up to Gainesville again for Halloween since our neighbor said nobody trick-or-treats in our new neighborhood and I like going to Boo at the Zoo with Peyton. Lindsey and I wanted to hang out too, so it worked out that I went to the zoo with her and Luke (her step-son Austin took a few pictures of us before we left, but I'll put those in another post next week). Then after I went through all the set ups with them and watched the talented girls dance to Thriller, I looped back around to go through again with Zach, Jacquie, and Peyton. However, I am going to put these in the order of the "maze", as if we all walked through together one time.
 I was very impressed that Luke wanted to touch the snake.
   Tonight was the most I have heard Peyton talk and I loved it so much. I heard her say "Mama" and "Daddy" for the first time, and then trying to copy words around the house after dinner. "Peas" for please, and "pree" for pretty when she was wearing all of my bracelets, and "cap" when Mommy asked a trick-or-treater if they were dressed as Captain America. I have heard her say "bye" before (one of her more common words along with a whiney "nooo"), but each time she met a zoo character that she didn't really like, she immediately said "bye" almost like a "I don't like this, moving on!" She did that to Scooby Doo.
 Lilo was played by one of Lindsey's friends.
 These two above are my very favorite. The sunset and sun spots make them look so much like "really good photography" versus fun Halloween pictures.
 ^^ In the Candyland area. And Luke touching a real baby dinosaur egg!!
 Can you see the KitKat melted all over Peyton's face in the T-Rex picture? Haha!
   I was wondering if there was a Boo at the Zoo in Orlando and the best one I found was at the Brevard Zoo, but the prices were the same (about $17/person), while the entry fee in Gainesville is one canned good! So only about 75 cents. I look forward to going to this one again next year!! =)


  1. Lots of nice pics in this post. Enjoyed them all. -D

  2. So glad you got to come again! Can't wait to see the pumpkin patch pictures and all the other wonderful blog posts to come! ❤️❤️πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸŽƒπŸ˜πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»