Friday, October 7, 2016


   I've really been wanting to post about this night because it was so super fun! Nope, this is not another post about our week in Ohio. Two weeks ago, on September 23rd, I met Mia and her neighbor-friend, Jaclyn (who I had met a few days before that at an art show) at Downtown Disney which is now called Disney Springs. This night was really, really fun! I like how Jackie described it at the end of the night: As if we were a bunch of college kids hanging out, taking pictures, and being silly. She enjoyed our company and how we don't act like we are 29- in the best, fun way. Maybe that's why I had so much fun too, because it was like a "Full Sail night".

  Once we got there, we asked the first security guard we saw (a nice man named Richard) to take a picture of us. He got on his knee for good angles of the House of Blues tower behind us. Mia pointed out the concrete tiles and benches that she designed through her job at  VOA. We walked past the food truck areas and listened to two talented guys take turns rapping about one of the guests.
 Star Wars ewoks of all different sizes! The littlest one looks like a hamster.
  ^^ This statue couple was interesting. They did actually move a lot, mostly when someone was standing in front of them for a picture. They would touch the person's hair or ear, or the woman would put her hand on their shoulder. One guy was muscular, but was standing regular, so the gold man positioned his arm so he was flexing.
   We had dinner at Earl of Sandwich, and since I was still doing my best to be veeg-itarian at the time (it lasted about 12 days until I realized I was eating way too many carbs and gaining weight), I ordered the caprese sandwich. Oh my goodness, delish! It was like eating a bruschetta sandwich!
During this time, while waiting for our orders to be made, we each went around talking about how we met our boyfriends. When I started telling mine about Michael, Mia commented that she may have never heard that story before! No way. =)

   It was great to see how Mia couldn't stop smiling and was getting giggly while talking about Jay. They are about to embark on a grand new adventure soon!! My eyes started watering a little when I talked about the time I went back to Gainesville then had my break down because I already missed Michael so much. After dinner, we went to a few stores and I was able to pick up some themed trinkets as gifts. Our last event of the evening involved going back to Sprinkles for dessert. The line was really long when we walked past earlier. They had cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream. I got a cookie sandwich- two cookies with ice cream in the middle. Mia got a cup of ice cream with a cupcake on top! They even had a vegan red velvet cupcake, but red velvet isn't my favorite and I don't really care for cupcakes, or regular cake.
   Perhaps this night for me was so great because I made a new friend. Jackie said she wished she had someone who liked taking pictures and dressing up for mini-photoshoots. Gasp!! She and her boyfriend Peter have definitely been invited to our costume Halloween Party and I have invited her over for craft times in the future. I urged her to have a double date and come with us when we see Fantastic Beasts the night it comes out next month. Michael said none of his friends have mentioned going, even though we saw the last Hunger Games with them. She's a Ravenclaw.

   Today Michael and I are stuck in the house all day due to Hurricane Matthew that is spinning right along the coast. Yesterday morning there was a verbal "threat" that the day shift may have to stay at work too, but I guess the weather slowed down a bit and it wasn't even raining the first half of my drive home. However, the people who arrived last night, including my good friend Austin, had to stay for at least 24 hours, meaning they will still be there until 6:30 tonight. It's a category 3 and we are in the orange zone, meaning we could end up getting roof damage, but I am really praying against it!! Thankfully we bought a house in the West-er side of the county, so that puts us further away than the Sheriff's Office. The power has not gone out here (yet), so that's why I am getting this post up early. ***I spoke too soon. It just turned off for about 30 seconds! Post, poooost!!

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  1. Very enjoyable post. Nice pictures. Good descriptions. -D