Monday, March 20, 2017

Good to Me

  I thought it was strange that I have only had one baby dream so far, but after last night's that caused me to wake up crying at 3am, I'm fine not having any more. I'm not going to write what it was about since I don't want to remember it, but Michael woke up too and comforted me again so sweetly, hugging me and telling me that everything was fine (I told him the main issue of the dream/ nightmare). Luckily Chip/ Emma did nicely reassuring me as well, kicking me once I woke up and reminding me that she is still safe and growing into a healthy baby. Then I started crying just thinking about how much I'm going to love her and pictured us at The Aquarium- don't tell Michael this but often when I picture Emma she looks a lot like Peyton, but a little older and she can talk- her saying something cute and me just crying and hugging her because we are so lucky to be chosen as her parents and God is so good to us. She'll get used to it!
   Michael is such a wonderful husband -kind, loving, fun- and I've already thanked him twice today for being so sweet to me last night. Part of me is so happy that we're having a girl because he has always done so well handling my emotions (luckily they have been less "out of control" than they were the first five years he knew me), so I know he'll do well handling hers too. Sometimes when I'm at work I get really sad thinking about what I would do without him. But then I quickly try to not think about that and just send him a bunch of texts about how great he is!
  Right now Michael doesn't want us buying "so many" clothes for Emma, although he does want to start getting her room more decorated now that we know the gender. Tomorrow we're doing the Babies R Us registry because we want the bedding from there.  I understand that he feels like we have so many clothes for her already, but the gender neutral outfits we have so far are all different sizes: Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. So basically she'd only have 3 outfits (pajama onezies) to wear each "phase", which to me, does not seem like enough. I'm sure I'll get some clothes at the baby shower next month and my mom bought her some on sale clothes today at Carter's, along with new pieces for Peyton and Helena, which may turn into hand me downs later on. She sent me a picture of a super cute kitty sweater that I loved, so she bought it in two different sizes for Emma. I can't wait to see it on her! But I will wait, because I want her to be at least six pounds when she's born in 14-17 weeks. Another thing I can't really plan, causing me to have so many questions about. That's all her. ;)

   Update: I counted her clothing pieces in the closet ~ 6 Newborn outfits (mostly onezie pajamas and I want her to wear "regular clothes" during the day but I hear some babies don't even get to wear new born sizes- it all depends on how much they weigh when they're born), 12 pieces aged for 3-6 months, and 7 pieces aged for 6-9 months (including a white sweater which doesn't count because she'd still need to wear something under that). Nothing over that age except the 12 month super soft gray bathrobe I bought in November. Also she currently has 10 regular pairs of socks (4 wooly pink Newborn pairs that I just bought today, plus 6 mint green and gray for ages 6-18 months) and two pairs that are Halloween themed.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gender Reveal (Finally!)

   Yesterday I took these pictures after feeling impatient and really wanting to meet our baby. Partly because Lindsey was sending me all these cute pictures of when Luke was born (we were discussing how we like when babies are born with hair). I am trying to enjoy every day during this pregnancy and luckily for me most of it has been very easy, but sometimes I want to give Chip a big hug. Only 15 and 1/2 weeks left now - if the July 2nd due date is correct and my pregnancy is not prolonged an extra two weeks like my birth was. I've heard that is common for a lot of first babies. The only new minor.. "symptom" isn't even the right word.. adjustment (?) is that I am more aware of needing to sit up straight since my bump has grown and slouching is now uncomfortable. 
   Then I sent a picture of more lists that I made (questions to ask the daycares we toured) to my work friend Kristen because she mentioned how my brain never stops scrambling for answers. It's true. She even got me a small baby shower gift basket including Dr. Seuss's book "Oh the Thinks you can Think" and specifically told me, "I got you this book because you think too much."

   This morning I was complaining a lot about how cold it was: 45 degrees outside and 65 degrees in the house. I was mainly "upset" because for the past month (?) it has been in the 70's and 80's, so why the heck did it suddenly flip back to being so cold? And my clothes were icy since our closet gets zero heat. #HardLife (Insert a book of orphan photos to slap myself out of all the whining.) I got ready later because I kept snuggling back in bed. Michael said, "If we leave now we can stop by Dunkin Donuts". I previously told him that I had been advised by my co-workers who are moms to eat a sugary breakfast today to get Chip moving. However leaving "right now" ended up being at least 5 minutes later since Sasha hadn't been out (also still snuggling under the warm covers) and I had to put my shoes on. We stood in line for a few minutes, but left before ordering since it was 8:18 and Chip's doctor appointment was at 8:30. I at least had my chocolate instant breakfast to drink in the car with about 10 peanut M&Ms. 

   Attempting to change my negative focus in the hospital parking lot, Michael said, "Think about Mia and all the times she has to stand in colder weather than this waiting for the train" (which she takes to get to work in Denver).
   I answered quickly, "Yeah, but she doesn't have a bad attitude like I do right now. The sunshine in her heart keeps her warm." I love you, best friend! 
   We waited in the lobby for at least 15 minutes before I got weighed and my blood pressure checked as always. Ten minutes after that we got called back for the ultrasound. Right when we walked in (we've had a different technician every time), I told the girl, "So no pressure but we still haven't been able to find out the gender and we really want to. What's your name?"
   "Kristen," she told us.
   "Great. If you can tell us, we'll name the baby after you," I said.
   She said we could use Christian for a boy because sometimes people call her that for some reason.
She seriously had only rubbed the scanner over my stomach for about three seconds, and bluntly pointed out, "Yeah, that's a vagina."
   I instantly looked at Michael to see his reaction. He told me that last night he had a dream that we found out it was a girl (his mom told us) and he cried from being so happy. But neither of us cried in real life, we were just happy. He was smiling a lot when we walked out of the office.
   "Yay! Baby Kristen it is!" I exclaimed jokingly to the technician. Then we told her we already had a name picked out for a girl: Emma McKenzie. 
   Then I busted out laughing when Kristen tried to get a good updated picture of her face, but we just got this creepy precious teddy bear face smile. Better than the usual looks of bother! Her heart rate was 162 BPM today.
   For the past five years (up until about two months ago while eating at Macaroni Grill and writing names on the table) we had talked about using the name Ailyn McKenzie. Ailyn -according to the Star Wars database "Wookiepedia" -is Boba Fett's granddaughter (Michael thought it was his daughter). Emma was always the name we liked for a second girl, but after deciding he only wants one kid, Michael suggested we name Chip Emma instead and I was perfectly fine with that.
   My doctor told us that the spot in the brain went away (the one that they thought might-maybe-could be Trisomy 18). She labeled it as "no choroid cyst seen". Michael told my doctor that he had been really worried about it, which I was unaware of. He later told me that he had looked up a lot about it -which is exactly what he tells me not to do- and talked to his mom about it. So she cried with relief today when he assured her that everything was good and that Chip is a healthy baby girl. So far everyone has told us that they love the name Emma McKenzie. 
   The doctor also said that my weight gain was good (probably bc of the 4 layers I was wearing) and measured my uterus which came to 23 inches vertically. She said that was "about right" for me being 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant. We told her about our upcoming trip to the North Georgia mountains. She said it was fine, but to stop frequently so I can walk around and to not cross my legs to avoid blood clots. I'm now realizing that's something I should definitely be more aware of at work, sitting down for most of 12 hours. Next month I have to take the glucose test and get a Rhogam shot for having O Negative blood, as well as one for whooping cough/ tetanus so the antibodies get passed along to the baby. 

   After the appointment we had a breakfast date inside Chick Fil A, then drove to our first daycare tour. We both like that one the best and will be enrolling Emma there starting at the end of September. After that we went to Publix for gender reveal balloons & cupcakes with pink frosting. I told Michael that it was kind of nice that I had forgotten my phone at home because for 2 hours we were the only ones who knew Chip is a girl (plus the sonogram tech, our doctor, the bakery woman, and the balloon guy). 
   I did grab my phone when we dropped the balloons off before going to the second and third daycare tours. Then we came back half-napped, and took the gender reveal pictures. I originally planned to wear this dress, but with it still being around 50 degrees, I kept my comfortable layers on. And of course I couldn't finish the "gender reveal day" without finally buying a few girly pieces of clothing for our daughter! 
   So since we have this baby girls's name and I often felt like Shrimp was a boy, I am unofficially naming him Christian Bellamy. Michael agreed that it was a good idea That was the name we had picked out last year before I got pregnant again. However we did talk about changing it if we found out Chip was a boy, but Michael said we didn't need to discuss it unless it was. (Sorry in advance, Shrimp, if you're a girl. We'll find out eventually when we get to Heaven with you.)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Renaissance Faire

On Sunday Michael and I got up early to drive to Tampa for the Time Traveler's weekend of the Renaissance Faire. I already felt like I "didn't have anything good to wear" with my three T-shirt options. I opened the camping closet where my two bags of clothes were hanging, but Michael stopped me because he said I needed to stick with my Lent Rules of using less since I made a big deal about it last week. So I wore my Harry Potter shirt, and then got two compliments on it while we were at the Faire. Michael got a compliment on his Iron Man pants. Finally more Canon pictures!!

   After stopping for breakfast (can't ever go wrong with a sausage egg and cheese bagel from McDonalds before a mini roadtrip!) we drove down and got there around 10:30. One thing I was impressed with was the double sided hand washing stations set up next to the porta-potties. We walked around the area, which seemed pretty big, before stopping into the specific "shops" to see what they had for sale. They had a bunch of stages and one guy was doing jokes and magic tricks, with an assistant who had green hair. Although I was standing in the back, the girl looked familiar and I asked Michael if that was his friend Heidi. It was so we said hello after the show. 
 ^^ Heidi
   My favorite parts of the day (we stayed for three hours which was a good amount for me) were all the things animal related. We rode an elephant! The price was a little steep for the one minute ride ($10 per person), but how many people can say they've ridden on an elephant? It was one of those things that was on my "minor bucket list". I also really liked the mud show because the guys were really funny. All of the performers asked for tips at the end of their acts, but by then I only had a $10 bill left and was saving that for ice cream and soap. The waffle cone I got for lunch was a caramel cheesecake and Michael had a chicken gyro. Around that time he kept checking that I was having a fun time because I was being quiet, but I explained I was in a tired mood and wanted to go with the flow so he enjoyed the day. I bought a raccoon tail for five dollars that Michael kept laughing about. We waited for the jousting tournament to start, then watched for about ten minutes. That's where I saw this dog dressed up:
 ^^ In this picture you can see the two girls in the front flinching because they got mud flung on them when the guys jumped. I thought it was cool they had a "mud zone seating" for those who wanted it.
   We also got to see the mermaids and they had a bunch of nice low priced paintings for sale in the fenced area we had to walk through to get to the end. The mermaid sitting in the water out front was greeting everyone and saying hello, but the one swimming in the tank only made dolphin sounds while she collected jewels from the bottom for the little kids. Then we found the free petting zoo that had two donkeys, a llama, and a bunch of "goaties". The feed was only 50 cents per cup so I paid a dollar to get carrots and the regular pellet food. I loved the baby goats and wish they had all been closer to the fence.
   We walked around one last time and Michael found the handmade soaps! I was surprised to think nobody was selling any, but it turns out that we walked by that area twice already. I got the Love Potion kind because it was my favorite, surprisingly Monkey Farts which had a citrus smell was also good, but I only bought the one bar. We saw Heidi again right before we left, so I got to pet the super soft bunny they had been performing with, and she introduced us to the magician as "Michael and Amanda". She said my name with a certain confidence it that seemed rude to correct her. 
 ^^ King Michael sitting on the Game of Thrones.. throne.
   Chip is still doing well -kicking, and rolling or flipping (that's an extra weird and wonderful feeling)- and turned 24 weeks on Sunday. Also I've gained two more pounds, so I currently weigh 122, which you may not care about, but since this blog is also documentation for myself, I'll want to remember that detail.  According to my three pregnancy apps, she (or he -maybe we'll find out tomorrow?) is about 13 inches long and weighs about one and a half pounds.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Partial Cousin Reunion

   On Friday morning I picked up Abby from the airport, after looping around four times to find her, then we sat and talked a lot over a late breakfast halfway up the way to Gainesville. We walked over to Grandpa's house and hung out until it was time to order our delicious garden Lenten pizza. Abby and I went for another walk before dinner, then talked and laughed for a couple hours with our moms after having cake for Grandpa's 92nd birthday and him opening cards and presents.
   On Saturday after going to breakfast, we went to Target so I could do a registry there too (for another free bag of goodies)! Then we perused Carter's telling my mom which outfits I thought were cute or not. I liked a lot of the boy clothes, and later referred to Chip as "he" while talking to Michael, but after the specific kicks the other day, Michael asked, "Why did you say 'he'? She already told us she's a girl." Sometimes I think it's better to not really have a preference that way I'm not too excited or hopeful for a certain gender. Especially since we have talked and agreed that just having one kid will be best for us and our relationship and lifestyle, God will give us whichever gender we need. I kept commenting that Helena looked a lot different this trip, but that could be due to me usually seeing her sleep and this time at over 3 months old her eyes were wide open, barely even blinking.
   While at Target Michael mentioned again (via text and phone call) how excited he is to be a dad and how he wants one-on-one bonding time with Chip. He said he would be fine if I took trips up to Gainesville by myself and they hung out and did fun stuff together, but I doubt my friends and family would want me visiting as much without the new baby! And I'd probably feel sad or guilty doing so, especially while looking into Helena's bug eyes asking, "Where is my cousin?!" Then I'd cry myself back to Orlando like I did the first time I left Michael at Full Sail when I finally realized how much I really liked him before he was my boyfriend. But I told him that he and Chip will have every other weekend to bond since I work every other weekend and someone would have to be home!
   Abby, Aunt Sue Ann, my mom and I had lunch at McAllister's Deli which had great sandwiches with soft bread. Our other cousin Lindsey arrived from Georgia just before we got home and we chatted with her for a bit before I walked home and took a nap. We went with Uncle Tim to pick up ribs for dinner, had a brief girly cousin photoshoot and then I drove home after dinner.
   Not meant to be a sad comment, just a memory ~ 1 year ago from today (Sunday, March 13th, 2016) I found out I was pregnant with Shrimp. It seems like longer ago than that. It is more of a peaceful memory now that I'm safely in my 24th week/6th month of pregnancy with Chip.  On a lighter note, I found this hilarious "mom blog" today: Crappy Pictures, although it doesn't look like she has really updated it in two years, but she has published two books. I was laughing so much today while reading these and looking at all of her hilarious stick figure pictures.  We'll see how much I'm laughing when a lot of the same "poopy situations" are happening with/to us in July and over the next five (to twenty) years.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Limited Abundance

   Yesterday while I was on my walk along the trail that goes around the golf course, I began thinking about part of the story (I can't even remember the name of it) that I never wrote where my made up best friend, Kirsten DeLuca, and fictional fiance (who I began writing about in 2006 before I met Michael), Jeremy Chomsky, served in Guatemala for three weeks. Before he soon decided that being a missionary was his true calling and he left me to live in Madagascar for 7 years. So then I got reacquainted with Michael (in that story I still knew him from Full Sail) and we got married and had a kid! I wrote that part in California when life was too good and I no longer enjoyed writing about a fake boyfriend when I had a real husband. Anyway, so all of this is still stemming from me rereading "Kisses from Katie" by Katie Davis and plus a mix of being in Lent and wanting to simplify how I live. Although I know we have it super good, scaling it back a bit sometimes helps me be more thankful! And scaling it back is easier when I'm also writing about doing it. So today I am doing laundry and only going to wear what is in the dryer for the next 5 weeks until Easter. (Plus one dress that I have in mind to wear for gender reveal pictures if Chip ever gives us notice before my hopeful "three pushes and a sneeze" in July.) I put the rest of my clothes in bags and put them into a different closet. Who knows, maybe next month I'll donate half of it with the whole "out of sight, out of mind" deal.  Here are some pretty pictures I have taken lately while being outside:
Now for my story ~ or at least the parts that I thought about and wrote last night ~

   The three of us sat down that night to watch Living on One on Netflix with our various leftovers of steak, chicken pesto pasta, and carrot cake cheesecake. But an hour later we all seemed disappointed in ourselves and our gluttonous dinner while we watched the hungry lives of others unfold before our eyes.
   Kristen turned off the TV when it ended and looked at me and Jeremy. "You guys, I am so serious." She put her hand on my leg. "We need to go to Guatemala."
   "Really? YES!" I gave her a hug. "I promise I was thinking the same thing while we were watching that." I pulled back, "But do we have to do it exactly like them, or can we volunteer for a couple weeks with a church group?"
   Before she could answer Jeremy jumped in, "Either way it sounds like such a good idea!" He stopped smiling after a second. "Also I've been thinking, for a while now actually, it would be better for our relationship, Rachel, if I move out."
    Slightly stunned I immediately asked, "What? How are we supposed to save up faster for this trip if our rent becomes one third higher with you gone?" Interesting how my mind quickly jumped to it being a money issue rather than my heart beating, "But I'll miss you too much". 

    Skip to three weeks later ~ We found a house for rent. One bedroom and one bathroom, which was actually hard to find considering most houses are two or three bedrooms. At first it looked really junky and run down, but it was the cheapest one we could find in Lancaster. We knew we could save more moving along the outskirts of Los Angeles rather than staying in Glendale. The main reason for staying in California was because of our full-time jobs. The house was close to the road and was made out of cement with small windows and two dirt tire tracks instead of a driveway. However, Kirsten quickly pointed out that there was a pretty lake in the back and reminded me that we passed a 99 Cent store and a library on the way over, so those were two places within walking distance where we would be spending our time.
    The rent was only $900 per month after Kristen talked the woman down from $11,200. Not sure how that happened, but splitting the rent two ways was more doable, bringing it down from the $700 plus utilities that we were each paying in Glendale. We signed the papers for this place and began packing up the old house. By then Jeremy had already moved out and was staying with a couple other guys from church who had been passing out flyers the month before, asking for another roommate. Luckily we didn't have too much stuff, considering we downsized when moving from Orlando so we wouldn't have to rent a huge Uhaul, but Kirsten convinced me to downsize again. Like a lot.

    "Sit down with me," she said smiling while pulling a chair out for me. "We're going to make a list." She handed me a single piece of lined paper. College ruled. "Without looking around, write down everything you have." My chair was facing the window, so I kind of day dreamed between jotting down specific things I owned. I started with my handmade scrapbooks and Dorothy dress my mom sewed when I was 16, then a couple books including "7" by Jen Hatmaker, and clothes that were my favorites or ones I had bought most recently.
   About 20 minutes later I handed Kirsten my list and she read it over, checking that there wasn't anything written on the back. "Great! This list is almost perfect actually."
   I paused, cautious. "What is it for?"
   "This is everything you can bring to the new house. We'll donate the rest."
   My first instinct was panic. "What? No! Why? Those are my things."
   "Yeah, things you didn't even remember having ten seconds ago. Obviously they aren't that important to you." I sighed and slumped back in the chair. She was right and continued, "If we want to get in the Guatemalan Groove we need to really make sure that our things - our selfish material possessions - aren't getting in the way of God. He gives us so much. Why do we need all these extra things?"

    I knew it was a rhetorical question, so I didn't answer. Instead I wrote my answer down in my journal. The one I'd have to give away tomorrow. Once I walked back through my room I noticed there was a lot I had not written down. I hadn't written down any of my CDs or DVDs, but had some newer music downloaded on my phone. A lot of clothes that I already forgot I have even though some of it I had worn just three days ago. I didn't even think to write down things like toiletries. I wondered if she would let me keep any of that or throw it all away while I was at work like my Grandpa used to do when I let my room get too cluttered. That actually seemed like a better idea for me and she was happy to oblige. My list was specific and she followed it respectfully, putting "everything I have" in a box while I went on a walk so I didn't have to see her throwing everything else into a big bag.
    While on my walk I prayed a lot, which is another reason why I like walking so much (the other reason being calorie burn). I prayed for God to let my "self" die. The part of me that wants too much. The part of me that is greedy and wants stuff and things, when so many times I tell people that I'm not materialistic and would so much rather have experiences. A list of "Have Dones" instead of just a list of "Haves".  I asked God to change in my heart what is important to me. I want what is important to Him to be just as important to me. I want to help others, instead of only helping myself, although I feel like I'm pretty decent at that already.  But I could do better!
   The first two months were tough. I'm sorry, I shouldn't say that. Kirsten pulls out her imaginary violin and makes me watch The Pursuit of Happyness or Slumdog Millionaire each time I say something like that, to remind us how good and easy we still have it, even with less than "normal".
   "It's not too hard," she tells me. "It's just an adjustment. You're still alive. You're still happy and always laughing about something every day."
   She let me have a few weeks to get used to the smaller living space, which wasn't really a big deal since we had already been sharing a bathroom for the past few years, but were now also sharing a bedroom. At first she wanted us to share a blow up mattress, but with her moving around at night, I couldn't get any sleep. So I bought back the one she had given to Goodwill.  But after the first three weeks I was noticing changes.
   "Kirsten, why won't the shower get hot? I keep turning the nob higher."
   She called back to me through the sound of running water. "Yeah, we don't need that! I turned the max temperature down so we wouldn't waste as much electricity trying to heat it up all the way. Just be thankful the water is clean and you don't have to bathe in the Nile!"
   "Is that why you were binge-watching Extreme Cheapskates before you canceled the internet?"
   There was a short pause. "Maybe."
   I never cared enough to change it back each time she wasn't home. It helped me take shorter showers, which then lowered our water bill. It also resulted in me going for more hikes than usual because a cool shower actually felt really nice after being in the sun for two hours.

   Eight months later we had both saved up $5,000 which was about four times the amount we needed for the Awareness trip through our church via Unbound to meet our sponsored kids. With the extra money we paid for four other girls who really wanted to go, but didn't have enough money (they each had a little over half so we paid the rest) and then gave the remainder to Amazima Ministries as a "one time donation".

   ** Photo above is from June 2016 when we weren't moved into the new house yet, but I wanted to sleep in an empty room after I got off from work one morning. That bedroom pictured is currently Michael's makeup FX room.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Extravagantly Loved

   On my previous day off (last Thursday) before the weekend that I just worked, I had driven to VAMP to drop off some oatmeal cookies that Michael made and wanted me to bring him. Michael talked to me for a few minutes before I drove back home, and the whole way home, Chip was kicking me. I told Michael that Chip had been excited to hear his voice and was trying to say hello. Michael told me that it made him feel really good. He texts me at least three times a week to tell me how excited he is to be a dad, and often says it at night when we are together. It makes me so happy to hear that.
   On Sunday I was concerned because as I was driving home I realized that I hadn't felt (or noticed) Chip kicking all day while I was at work. I even tried walking around on my breaks faster than my normal speed because when I go for long walks on my days off, I usually feel Chip kicking a bunch once I'm back at home sitting down. Maybe because my heart is beating faster? I told Michael about my concern and he assured me everything was fine and that the same thing happened to his mom when she was pregnant with one of his brothers and obviously everything was fine, but just in case I laid down on the couch and asked him to talk to me. Within probably 30 seconds of him talking to me, I began feeling kicks. Phew! And Chip continued to kick for the rest of the night.
   Michael was able to come home an hour early yesterday, but seemed like he was going to take a nap, so I went in the other room to watch TV. He said he just wanted to lay down (not sleep), and asked me to join him so we could talk and spend some extra time together. It ended up being the best suggestion because we snuggled together for an hour laughing and kissing and talking about being parents and how we've seen each other mature over the past seven and a half years since Full Sail. At one point Michael was talking to Chip with his hand below my stomach where I usually feel the kicks and said, "We really want to know if you are a boy or a girl. If you are a boy, kick me now." (Pause/ nothing.) "If you are a girl, kick me now." Immediate kick! So for my third unofficial report: Chip might be a girl!
   Before we left for dinner I told Michael that I was really enjoying this flow we have been in the past couple of weeks.  A stronger flow than our usual getting along-ness. "Love?" he asked. I said yes, and explained how nice it has been lately with us constantly doing things to make the other person happy. Like how I also stopped by VAMP with milk and little cereal boxes because he had mentioned that having those at work in the mornings would be nice. And the week before, even though he went to the grocery store by himself, he bought the things I had written on the list for myself (bagels).
   While standing in the kitchen before getting changed, he looked at me and said, "Shnooks, I am so happy about Chip." I told him again how much I love when he says that because when I first talked to him about it in October 2014 -when I seriously wanted to start trying to have a baby and they weren't just "baby moods" like I had experienced around April 2012 and a few times while visiting Peyton in Gainesville- he had told me that he was comfortable with our lives and thought he would be fine if we never had a kid. I'm glad I was able to convince him otherwise! (By the end of December 2014 he had decided that he was "ready" to be a dad and we began trying.)
   Today I finished sending the baby shower invites (for the first party next month), and scheduled tours for the three day cares that will will visit next week, and one at the end of the month since their tours booked up early. I've got a list of questions to take to ask and write down answers. I also called the insurance company with questions about getting a free breast pump through the Pregnancy Program. Last week we went back to Buy Buy Baby and added more things to the registry and talked to an employee about the stroller we want. Yesterday I went to Plato's Closet and got two more comfy summer dresses, a pair of ripped jean shorts that fit for now (and I could wear that maternity band over the button), and a black studded backpack purse that I will use as my diaper bag. Now I'm going for an hour walk because I've been slacking on that!
    ☼ Chip is 23 weeks and 2 days today!